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Written by the Author Angeliki Anagnostou

Man, in his strife to endure survival in an adverse and difficult world, has fabricated various convictions about Creation, Man and Life, in order to justify the inexplicable controversies that surround him. These convictions have built theories, and through them, religions, heresies and views have been formulated. Following that, everyone adopts the theory that fits their idiosyncrasy and reasoning better, and cling firmly onto that view, because it suits them and affords them security.

Comfortable then, behind whatever view they prefer, men delude themselves about the ‘discrepancies’ of their world-theory, and battle the ‘discrepancies’ of the opposing views in an eternal struggle with no definite winner.

The prevailing positions for the creation of life and the world today are mainly two, with plenty of ‘offshoots’ stemming from each one:

1st Position

The entire creation was formed by itself, through a natural selective process (natural selection through survival of the fittest). There is nothing else beyond autonomous natural conditions which generate life. When these conditions are not fully met, then life perishes.

This view however, when put under the scrutinizing microscope of logic presents discrepancies because it naturally accepts a mathematical consistency in nature. But mathematical consistency presupposes logic; logic presupposes a mind, and the mind always belongs to someone…

2nd Position

The entire creation is the result of a benevolent god who is given form by some, while others consider him formless. This benevolent god created everything through his love and wisdom, providing man with the possibility of free choice, between positive and negative actions. Through his choices, man is always taught how to finally become a better person. This view however, has many logical gaps as well, and this is why it is being challenged by many.

Every sentient human being, however hard he/she might search inside the entire creation, cannot find this most Gracious God nor his love anywhere…

Additionally, if someone intensively observes life as a whole, one will inevitably conclude that this alleged ‘free choice’ is completely unattainable and virtual: Man, eternally subdued to the needs that surround him, however much he keeps chasing it, it nevertheless remains elusive. This is of course, a rather obscure point and its realization is attained only if one transcends the bounds of his limited visual ‘arch’, and sees the entire circle of life and creation. Because of this highly invisible point, this second conjecture is the most widely-accepted one. So, the struggle to make the best choice continues incessantly.

Another group of skeptics, more sensitive to the overall injustice, tries to justify it, by bridging this gap with the dogma of karma and compensative (reciprocal) justice. According to this dogma and under the law of reciprocity, man ‘pays’ for his mistakes from one reincarnation to the next, thus learning more about right and wrong. Thus, he is upgraded and evolves both ethically and spiritually. But this view is also logically deficient.

Human society, according to this point of view, should by now ‘glow’ with virtuousness! That is of course not true.

So, however much we may dream that human society evolves, or that it will progress further, all that is really being accomplished, is merely a technological upgrading, promoted solely by the ‘Sacred Need’.

On the other hand, it is common knowledge that in the realm of ethics, morality and spiritual ascent, humanity, if it doesn’t go backwards, it definitely stays still.

This whole quest for convenient answers therefore, aims to help man shut his eyes as tightly as he can in front of a reality that deep inside he feels is painful beyond comprehension, and inescapable.

He has sugarcoated it, elevated the virtue of optimism to a sacred emblem, put on the rose-tinted glasses of positive thinking, ‘called’ the glass half-full instead of half-empty and thus compromised.

And the reason for all this? Simply because to face (the) truth, without the antidote of the solution, is unbearably painful! And as Christ said in the Gospel of John: I have yet many things to say to you: but you cannot bear them now. [JOHN 16:12]

Henceforth, man has been content to let himself drift away in the ebb of everyday life and his needs, and subside even more into oblivion.

Throughout man’s overall course on this earth, at certain instances of his history, the ONE Truth of All has been revealed.

Never has it remained intact for long though. After its exposure to the world, it is always dissected and dispelled into a thousand pieces. So, today, only some scraps remain scattered here and there. Nowhere does it exist in its pure form. After all, the best hideout for the TRUTH is in-between two lies.

The only thing these different conjectures do is confuse the tangle of Truth even more.

The painful truth is but ONE, and contains all the partial/diverse truths inside it.

The probability for someone to consolidate all these scattered scraps in order to recompose the puzzle, is minute to nonexistent, since the material plane is quite ‘crafty’ in refracting the truths and deflecting them to places other than where they should be.

To get to the bottom of things, one must start in reverse…

The time of great decisions for man is getting nearer, and in order for his decision to be a conscious one, IT IS IMPERATIVE that the complete Truth is revealed to him.

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