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Written by the Author Angeliki Anagnostou


Νέα εικόνα Α (18)In the Beginning, there was the Absolute, the Unsplit, the Coherent Essence of the HyperCosmoi of the True Light, of the Patrogenes One as the Neo-Platonists called it or the Kingdom of Heaven as Christians do. Hermes Trismegistus describes it as …”An infinite sight flooded by light.

There reigns the Unified, Benevolent Mind [Gr.: Ἀγαθός Νοῦς] which cannot be split since everything there exists Whole and Unsplit in a Unified condition which does not oscillate between bipolar tendencies. The infinite plethora of Archetypal manifestations that exists THERE synthesizes a Cosmos of unique Harmony.

OaIn a corner of this chaos however, cutoff and dark, a downward darkness was swirling, like a voracious black hole. It was the un-inseminated Egg, the eternal Karana (Cause), the Forbidden Tree. Inside it was the cause of matter, Earth (since the cause of matter is called “earth” in ancient texts), Tartarus (tumult), Chaos and Eros as the primordial attractive Force.
Eros ‘invited’ a Light Ray from the HyperUniverses of the Absolute, to inseminate its (Eros’) Egg.

 The Ray was lured by the charm of Eros, accepted the invitation, permeated the Egg, and after it settled in its center, it impregnated it with its Light and rendered it ‘Manifested’, by  bringing Avge (dawn) in its dark abysses.
Thus, that primordial Light Ray, after it brought the light of dawn into the darkness, it pronounced itself its God and was called Lucifer (Light bearer).
Having been cut-off from the Absolute, it became fallen, developed an ‘Ego’ and said:

“I am a jealous God and there is no God but me! -But by doing this he admitted to his demons that there is indeed another God. For, if there were no other God, whom would he possibly be jealous of?” [The Secret Book of John]

LogosFollowing that, and in order for the ray/Lucifer to give birth to its off-spring in this ‘Egg’, it was split into Logos [Gr.: Λόγος] (Λ) and generated the duality of the new world, baptizing this world “The Tree of knowledge of good and evil”.

“The deficiency of matter did not originate thru the infinity of the Father, who came in the time of inadequacy— although no one could predict that the indestructible would arrive in this manner.” [The Gospel of Truth §39]


And the ray/Lucifer with his ‘Λόγος’ [Logos] created the Hierarchy of the Builders of matter: the lower gods, the Commanders of Heimarmenē. And the Builders created the four elements of matter: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. And for each element, a great Hierarchy of Entities and Powers were created to support it, thus creating a pyramid.


And the Lord of all became their Archē (A) [Gr. for ‘start’, ‘beginning’, ‘authority’, ‘rule’] he placed himself at the top of the Hierarchy he himself had formed and supervised everything from there.

And he became the ‘All seeing Eye’ and the supreme Lord of all, distancing himself from his subordinate bondservants.
And he adopted the Truncated Pyramid as his symbol, because its top is separated from its main body. And he identified the letter ‘A’ with the Archē (beginning) of his creation.


 And the ‘best’ of his bondservants he appointed as supervisors of the inferior ones and placed them on the higher level of the truncated pyramid, so they could supervise their subordinates. Yet he remained cut-off and independent, to oversee everyone.


1-truncated-pyramid & AThis is the Beginning [Gr.: Archē (A)] of the entire material visible and invisible world, and its course in time is a one-way street inescapably leading to the End Omega (Ω).
The truncated-pyramid symbol will always be found identified with the Hierarchy of the Archē (Beginning) and the letter Alpha (A), since the shape of this letter denotes exactly that.
The Almighty Father cannot be characterized as the Alpha and the Omega.

The Father has no beginning (A) because He is Self-Substantial and has no End (Ω) since He Is Eternal and Never-ending.
These symbols do not refer to the Almighty Father, but the creator of matter, since only matter has a beginning and what has a beginning also has an end. Hermes Trismegistus in chapter 1 states:

«§11 …And the second creator Noûs [Mind], he who encompasses the seven circles and the vortices of their roots –along with logos– turned his creatures and they all started swirling from an indefinite beginning (Α) to an interminable end (Ω).»

The main goal of every man is –after receiving the Truth about the world and himself … «and the Truth shall set you free»– to cut all emotional bonds/anchors to matter, in order to manage to return to his Source, his Capital Fatherland. The Kingdom of Heaven.