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A problem is solved, soon after it is acknowledged…

In an attempt to explore the manner in which the material universe was created, scientists founded CERN, in order to investigate this sequence of events through a chain of experiments. The collision of particles that takes place within the confines of the CERN Large Hadron Collider, is set to simulate the very primal conditions, under which our universe came into existence. This very procedure is said to bring about the creation of micro-vortices, and thus, mini black holes, presenting us with a key element.

But what exactly is a black hole?

Stephen Hawking, in his book ‘The Universe in a Nutshell’ precisely defines the term ‘Black Hole’ as “A region of space-time that are so warped that light cannot escape from them, due to its enormously powerful gravitational field.”

Black-Hole, Is our universe at the bottom of a black hole?And can our universe be compared to a black hole?

Ιf we take into consideration that the center of every galaxy behaves like a black hole, and that the center of our galaxy appears to be a black hole, then one may conclude – as everything in the cosmos is set on a fractal-like repetition pattern – that our universe itself may , in fact, be a black hole.

Galaxy-black Hole, Is our universe at the bottom of a black hole?Italian CERN scientist Gabriele Veneziano unequivocally confirms this saying:

“Our Universe is a small part within the inner core of a black hole. Quite frightening if you come to think about it.”

Astrophysicist Th. Grammenos in 1988 stated:

The papers of cosmologists S. Hawking and Penrose indicate that the Universe not only could, but should be the result of the Big Bang of a point singularity, (as the inner point of a black hole is called) a point of infinite temperature and density.

POINT SINGULARITY BIG BANG 1, Is our universe at the bottom of a black hole?Therefore, scientists consider our Universe to be a black hole, obviously of an entirely different extent than those presently being investigated. This automatically suggests the existence of a different world, within which this black-hole universe came to be.

 Under those new viewpoints of modern science, astrophysicists Danezis and Theodosiou, in their book ‘Cosmology of the Intellect’ report:

“The assumption of the birth of our known Universe through the existence of another, invisible Universe that apparently extends beyond the boundaries of a black hole.”

Approaching the matter from a philosophical standpoint, we must resort to the ancient scripts, if only to discern an identification of opinions.

Should this be the other/higher world in which our black-hole universe was created, the one Plato refers to in his work “Timaeus” (V, 29b1-29b3) when he states:

“It is by definite necessity that this world was made in the image of another!”

Or when Hermes Trismegistus describes that (Speech 1, §8):

“God’s Will, having received the shape of the Word (Logos), beheld that beauteous world and copied it, creating another world with Its own constituents.”

Or even when John the Apostle describes in his Apocryphon, the manner in which the creator of mater has formed our world, imitating the higher worlds, he himself originated from:

“He proclaimed himself God. And he did not obey the place from which he came. And he united with the powers which were with him.
And having created […] everything, he organized according to the model of the first aeons (=worlds) which had come into being, so that he might create them like the indestructible ones. Not because he had seen the indestructible ones, but the power in him, which he had taken from his mother, produced in him the likeness of the cosmos.”

The above evidence is presenting us the image of two different realms. One Primary Cosmos (unknown to us), within which a ‘black hole’ is created and converted into a secondary universe …our Universe.

This sequence is reminding us of another story.
The Old Testament primordial myth of Adam and Eve, where we also come across two different worlds: Paradise and Adam and Eve’s place of exile.


Eve, Is our universe at the bottom of a black hole?The original sin, committed by the protoplasts, was that they tasted the forbidden fruit, the infamous “Apple” from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

But what is this Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, and what is its connection to our world?

Could this forbidden tree be this second black-hole/Universe that was created within that primary realm?

If we take a closer look at our world, we will notice that it is characterized by an absolute duality.  Everything in it is found in pairs of extreme opposites:

Good and evil, joy and sadness, light and darkness, day and night, beauty and ugliness, sleep and awakening, life and death and so on.

YinYang2, Is our universe at the bottom of a black hole?Everything carries within it its opposite, and eventually transforms/mutates to it.
Inhalation bears exhalation, exactly as exhalation bears inhalation. The day carries the night as the night carries the day… Life contains Death as Death contains Life.Our world in its entirety is a constant alternation, a shift between opposites.
That is duality (dyadicism). The main characteristic of the world we live in.
A schematic depiction of this duality would be a wave oscillation.

Everything within this universe of dyadicism/duality oscillates: from light and the atomic neutrinos, to the human emotions. The very same oscillation that initially upgrades a situation, an individual or even an entire civilization is the same that will eventually bring them down.

One can discern duality, throughout the human experience: First comes Birth, growth and peak that are followed by the decline of aging and eventually, death.

None of the opposite poles of this oscillation can overpower the other, as neither one of them can exist separate and independent from the other.

The apostle Philip writes about this in his Gospel:

“§10. Light and Darkness, life and death, right and left, are brothers and sisters. They are inseparable.”

The very nature of oscillation embeds both opposite aspects and shifts things from one to the other and vice versa.

In relation to this, Hermes Trismegistus (Speech 1, §11) writes:

“And the second creator Noûs (Mind), he who encompasses the seven circles and the vortices of their roots –along with Logos– turned his creatures and they all started swirling from an indefinite beginning to an interminable end.”

This sequence is symbolized by the snake embracing the forbidden tree of duality. That is the Truth that, like a magical image, lies hidden in plain sight, right before our eyes and in everything that surrounds us.

Let us attempt to create a metaphor with images from the event of material creation.

In the Real World (the HyperUniverses of the True Light as I call them in the book), there is a black hole: The forbidden Tree. This forbidden Tree/black hole –as is implied in the evidence given to us by the ancient scriptures of numerous religions– consists of remnants of previous Creations that have faded out.

Paradise Adam Eve, Is our universe at the bottom of a black hole?This black hole/universe, beyond its ‘event horizon’ (namely the space boundaries, beyond which nothing can escape due to the gravitational attraction), forms an energy spiral vortex (=the invisible 96% of our material universe).
This leads into the inner, most dense point (=point singularity), which, in this situation, is the visible 4%, where space-time distortions take place.

Black hole universe, Is our universe at the bottom of a black hole?Astrophysicists Danezis and Theodosiou, in relation to the phenomena taking place within this environment, report:

“Inside a black hole, time freezes. This means that the amount of time between two clicks of a clock is estimated to be infinite, approaching eternity.”

It reminds us of the saying: “One moment of God, a thousand years for man.”

Within this inner point of the black hole/universe, time-space paradoxes occur that help create our “sense of time” and the passing of …millions of years

Accordingly, British astrophysicist Fred Hoyle quotes:

“Everything exists. What has once existed and what will exist in the future, already exists in the present. Only our consciousness makes the separation and creates a sense of historical sequence and that of the passing time.”

Simultaneously to the illusion of time, another illusion is created, this time related to space, “Maya” as the Eastern teachings call it.
In relation to the “Maya” illusion that possesses man, American neurophysiologist Karl Pribram (1919- ) from the University of Georgetown, in Washington, states that:

“The human brain functions as a hologram that decodes a holographic universe.”

Pribram’s theory is based upon the research of physicist David Böhm (1917-1992), professor at the University of London and Einstein’s colleague. Just as light allows us to depict a three-dimensional image –a hologram– on a flat film, similarly, our supposedly three-dimensional, visible universe is considered to be ‘designed’ on an enormous surface, like a gigantic hologram.

hologram, Is our universe at the bottom of a black hole?In reality, the brain functions as a hologram and decodes a holographic universe. It records the stimuli it receives as waves of information and transforms them into three-dimensional motion pictures, which we humans interpret as the conscious perception of our world, our ‘reality’. This process confirms the “Maya” illusory state.

Physicists John Georgiou and Angelos Drougas, in their thesis “Cybernetic and Contemporary Physics” state:

In physics terms, we receive electromagnetic waves of various frequencies but perceive those stimuli as colors. We receive pressure waves but perceive them as words. We collect chemical compounds from the air and the water, but sense odors and flavors. All those colors, sounds, odors, flavors don’t really exist by themselves. They are created mentally in the brain, through sensory elaboration/processing.

Moreover, famous cybernetics scientist Heinz Von Foester (1973) reports:

“Man doesn’t perceive ‘everything’ that exists out in space but ‘what he believes’ must be there.
…We shouldn’t be surprised of this, as, in reality there is neither light nor color out there. There are only electromagnetic waves (i.e. oscillation).

There is no sound or music out there, but only periodical fluctuations of the air pressure. There is neither heat nor cold out there, but only molecules with more or less kinetic energy. …It seems, therefore, that our brain perceives the things it wants and what it learns to perceive. This point of view expresses in the best way, the content of the ‘Anthropic [human] Principle’, which describes the world as a manufactured structure (ideograph) of the human senses and not as an objective reality.”

Michael Talbot, in his book “Mysticism and Contemporary Science” (1993) points out that:

“We can say that we are not born in the world. We are born into something that we transform into a world.”

And Heinz Von Foester adds:

“The environment we perceive is an invention of our brain. …This false sense of space, which springs from the imperfection of the known human senses and functions, almost annihilates our ability to perceive the whole essence and extent of Einstein’s fourth dimension.”

All the above mentioned evidence raise the question:

What if our entire universe –that exists within the inner point of a black hole– is actually the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, a “Maya” illusion in which man was trapped?

Yin Yang_apple, Is our universe at the bottom of a black hole?And if that is the case, then how did we get here, and how do we escape, returning back to our True HomeLand?

A logical assumption would be that the primary element for any corrective change to occur is the acknowledgement of the problem. Therefore, one should first realize what their place in the material world actually is, by fearlessly inspecting the point one has come to as a material being, in order to proceed into correcting this predicament.

All these topics are thoroughly examined in my book, as well as the solution to the problem. The conclusions arise through logical process, combining analysis of evidence from religions, philosophical scripts, scientific thesis and mythological riddles, as the Truth lies scattered everywhere and is not monopolized by any isolated viewpoint.

The image of the Truth can be exemplified by the color White that emerges when all seven colors of the spectrum are combined.
The Newton disc, when halted, depicts the seven different colors, or in our case, the people’s different standpoints and opinions.

People, just like in Plato’s cave, with fixed personal points of view, choose an isolated ‘chromatic’ standpoint as their outlook/truth, and come to disagreement with other groups of individuals, equally fixed, who have chosen a different ‘color’/fragment of the Truth as their own opinion.
For the White color to emerge, one has to embrace all ‘chromatic’ viewpoints, in order to merge them into ONE, as every isolated viewpoint contains only a certain PERCENTAGE of the Truth.
When the colors/viewpoints are combined as the Newton disc spins, they cease to present their uniqueness and the White color emerges, that we identify with the Truth.

The disc Newton, Is our universe at the bottom of a black hole?So far, man’s most predominant aspects, ideas, beliefs, hopes and doctrines about his place in the world are, not only being refuted in the book, but also replaced with a more logical, more consistent and widely functional cosmo-theoretical proposition (worldview/Weltanschauung).

If an argument is to be refuted, it must be replaced by an even more complete one.

Through my book, every viewpoint, from the most extreme to the most conventional, is placed as a digit within a wide mosaic/puzzle. Once this mosaic is finished, the individual digits disappear and the complete image of our world emerges.

The author’s lecture at the presentation of the book “CAN YOU STAND THE TRUTH? THE CHRONICLE OF MAN’S IMPRISONMENT

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