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Writes Angeliki Anagnostou
Greek Translation of this article

In the circles of people that are “searching” spiritually, circulates the idea that the manifestation of positivity is an indication of the absolute success. There are even exercises that help in this direction. One of them is very popular and is called “SPIRITUAL DIET”.

This “diet” dictates: For seven consecutive days one must not to make NOT EVEN ONE negative thought, must not let himself feel the slightest negative mood, must not have even the slightest negative conversation, and generally must not do anything negative.
If one applies this spiritual diet without any derogation for seven consecutive days, he will arrive (THEY SAY …) to deification.

If at some point someone derogates from this strict exercise, and makes a negative thought or act, or express a negative word or becomes dominated by a negative mood, then he should immediately cease the “spiritual diet”, because the “recipe got spoiled” and should get prepared, to start all over again after a while.
And it’s so simple? …
No. It’s IMPOSSIBLE and you know why?

Because the Law of the Universe tends to maintain a balance between opposites.

This in fact is described by the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which states that wherever order is created, this inevitably causes somewhere else in the universe for disorder to increase.
This is the Law of Entropy.
The law of entropy states that the particles that hold together an apple or a piece of iron and are in a regular pattern, at some point they will start to disorganize, and the apple will begin to rot, and the iron to rust.
Then, the previous proper arrangement of the particles is disrupted and the entropy (= disorder) of the system is increased.


Entropy is therefore a measure of the disorder in a system. And astrophysicist Kip S. Thorn in his book Black Holes and distortions of Time ‘(Mirror publications, Athens 1999) states:

“The laws of physics are forcing regions of negative energy to absorb energy quickly from their adjacent regions of positive energy, restoring the energy equilibrium to zero.”

In addition the law of karma in the Indian Vishnu Puranas clarifies, that the gods of Samsara * are considered immortal until they have exhausted their positive karma!
* (Samsara = the never ending cycle of births and deaths)

All the above positions then indicate indisputably that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have absolute positivity without equal negativity, and vice versa.


Oscillation ― the basic law of the universe― moves the situations from one end to the other in a perpetual alternation.

The effort of achieving absolute positivity is so impossible, as it is for matter to exist only with the positive nucleus of the atoms, completely free of the negative electrons calling them…”demonic”.
Let’s watch what will happen to the “well intentioned” ascetic of positivity.

The first day of the “spiritual diet” will go smoothly and pleasantly, in a climate of wellness.
The second day some small “problems” will start in his life, that the naive practitioner will think of as “temptations”.

On the third day a storm of misfortunes will start, so vast that he will not know where to run to protect himself.

On the fourth day if he does not stop the “spiritual diet” his life will be in danger.

On the fifth day the entire universe will rise up to restore balance, obviously “finishing” the one who disturbs it.
Advice: Avoid any extremity. All in good measure (“Pan Metron Ariston”).

Because this is exactly how nature works.




can you stand the truth?

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