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The phenomenon in which humans are being abducted by alien entities (extra terrestials?…possibly) is a subject that  is carefully concealed and it usually sends the victims of the abductors …to the mental hospital.

Thereby the Professor of Psychiatry of Harvard University John Mack decided to investigate the matter.

John Mack (killed in an accident in 2004) had also served in the American Air Force and had researched the psychological impact of large scale phenomena that are experienced by thousands of people, like the cold war.

He had also been the director of the PEER program (to investigate unusual cases), that aimed to study any unexplained phenomenon and to provide psychological support to people that were in shock by an unexplained or supernatural experience.

John Mack brought to light the enigma of alien implants. He had discussions with more than two hundred people that had been abducted, confessing bluntly that none of them was mentally disturbed and that their experiences were real.

By declaring that their experiences were real, John Mack meant that these people had experienced something very strange that wasn’t a dream and that it had left “symptoms” on their bodies, for example cuts and marks that weren’t included in the effects of any psychosomatic phenomena.

Also these people were disappearing for a time period, and there were even witnesses that were certifying these disappearances.

Furthermore many of these people did not have particular relations with Ufology and fatefully they had never heard anything in relation to abductions by aliens.

Lastly many of them were children two or three years old.

Watch in the video below the surgical removal of alien implants and an analysis of the findings.

What is the purpose of these abductions? Why do they need to insert a chip in the human body? …What if  they do it  to have them constantly under control because they consider them to be their  lab rats?

By providing now a different clue, we will focus on an article by Christos Vagenas titled: UNDERGROUND BASES FICTION AND TRUTH, that was published in the magazine NEXUS issue 12.

“Approximately two miles below Archuleta Mesa in the Indian reservation Jicarilla of the Apache tribe in Dulce New Mexico USA, lies the undoubtedly most enigmatic of the existing complexes of underground facilities:

It is the place where according to numerous testimonies of the staff, the researchers and the, from time to time abductees, lies the main Bio-genetics laboratory of the American government, in cooperation with the Grey aliens.

Specifically, in the -at least- seven story underground complex, they have transported and are guarding under the highest security measures, human-alien hybrids, that were developed from genetic experiments on people that have been abducted.

Indicative is the testimony of a witness, member of the base personnel, that found himself on the sixth (underground floor) 

 “I have seen multi-legged ‘humans’ that look like half-human/half-octopus. Also reptilian-humans and furry creatures that have human hands and voices of babies…”

 According to the testimony of worker Thomas C…, in the facility there are more than 18.000 greys, residing on the 5th(underground) floor.

At the rest of the floors of the facility, they are experimenting with the human energy body, dreams, telepathy with the specifically mentioned goal  to manipulate the human kind.”

But the question is: Are these beings indeed extra terrestials –meaning beings from other planets? Or are they something else?

Many serious researchers lately, end up to the conclusion, that these beings are not from other planets –that they obviously use as bases/camps- but are outer dimensional beings. That means that they are beings from other dimensions.

So these beings are building hybrids…

Watch the video with the statements of Dr. David Jacobs with a PhD in Abduction research:

These beings can become visible or remain invisible with great ease.

Pay attention at the 5:41 min of the video that follows where it says:

“She was sent for examinations and the doctor found a heartbeat similar to the heartbeat of a baby, but the baby couldn’t be seen”… after that the Italian woman miscarried the alien embryo.

As we can see at the 5:11 min , she also has an implant in her brain!

Of course the excuse that these beings give for their actions, is that their kind is in danger and that’s the reason they perform these genetic interventions.

But this excuse doesn’t essentially clarify the matter. Because if what they say, is seen by a different angle, it gives a totally (but totally) different picture…

Through this great deception that they weave, in another case they stated different things:

Erich von Däniken in his book :The Eyes of the Sphinx: The Newest Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact says:

“The ugly illegal aliens, had informed their abductees about an upcoming disaster. They stated that this is the reason for their actions.

The pleasant thing in the whole story is that the human race is going to survive, even as a hybrid that will be formed between us and them.”

But the question is why does humankind need to acquire a different body?

Who do they want to save in the end? Us or them?

…Perhaps our own salvation is in reality the assurance of theirs?

Might there be something that connects us to these beings?

Will the solution they are attempting be the “salvation” for man?

Or perhaps his final entrapment?…I‘m afraid NOT…It will be his ultimate annihilation.

can you stand the truth?

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