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12,000-Year-old intact Anunnaki was recently discovered in ancient tomb in Iran

The Sumerians believed that a race of gigantic creatures known as the Anunnaki came from outer space to our planet hundreds of thousands of year [...]

Scientists discover a new world 660 kilometers below the Earth’s surface

The scientists found mountains and smooth plains on a boundary layer deep within the Earth’s mantle.

Alien Abductions Stop in Name of Christ

“Alien Abduction” Can be Stopped, and Terminated as a Life Pattern,in the Name and Authority of Jesus Christ.

Physicists prove time travel is ‘Mathematically Possible’

Scientists in Australia claim to have proved that time travel is theoretically possible after solving a logical paradox.


Because a lot of people are very concerned about the course of events, I am giving a very basic timeline, which I think will untangle things a b [...]

Scary sounds from the sky: Possible scientific explanations of the phenomenon

Scientific explanations are given for the possible causes of the mystery sounds heard in the atmosphere of the entire planet.

What happens to the energy-bodies and especially to the soul after vaccination?

Energy therapists identify problems in the energy-bodies and the soul of vaccinated people

UFOs in rock paintings, murals, and paintings of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

The Lines in the Peruvian Nasca desert cover an area of more than 500 square kilometers between the cities of Nasca and Pulp and are a UNESCO Wo [...]

The Hollow Earth Theory

Until more recent times, many people were convinced that our planet was a hollow shell with a civilization of Earthly ancients residing undergro [...]

Hollow Earth: The Aurora Evidence (video)

One thing that is unique about this clip is that it shows the aurora emanating from an orifice in the continent of Antarctica.