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About Angels – Which God do they serve?

There is great confusion in the world about Angels. This confusion is based on most people’s ignorance of the existence of two great and fundame [...]

Scientists Are Pretty Sure They Found a Portal to the Fifth Dimension

The scientists studied fermion masses, which they believe could be communicated into the fifth dimension through portals, creating dark matter r [...]

Egyptian Text Describes Jesus Changing His Shape

Translation of 1.200-year-old Egyptian manuscript proposes Jesus could change his appearance and shape at will

Alien Abductions Stop in Name of Christ

“Alien Abduction” Can be Stopped, and Terminated as a Life Pattern,in the Name and Authority of Jesus Christ.


The idea of burial is very disgusting. But in the case of combustion, a metaphysical problem arises for those who burn.

Self-awareness tips: Spiritual levels

The “ego” ceases to exist when man comes in contact with the True. Then he devalues the false and his “ego” remains apat [...]

The Truth confronted with our beliefs’ wall

In order to protect his beliefs, man builds a wall around him and only recognizes what exists inside these walls.

What is Discernment?

Absence of discernment breeds exaggeration, fanaticism, guilty silence, cowardice, slowness of spirit, obsession, sterile and non-fruitful life. [...]

Energy and Spiritual Unification

If our Spiritual part is not liberated from the energy “embrace” (energy bronchus) surrounding it, how can it Unite with the greater Spiritual T [...]

Our greatest enemy is our egotistic self

The factions/clans of our daemons are classified inside the multilevel aspects of our positive and negative Egos. They are two sides of the same [...]