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I wanted to ask you what your position is, on the issue of cremation, instead of burying the body. I am in a dilemma. I find the idea of my burial repulsive but on the other hand I would not want to do anything against Christ and our faith.


Indeed, the idea of burial is quite repulsive because of the process of sepsis/putrefaction. But there is also another, quite morbid factor, the fact that there are so many cases of people buried because they are presumed dead, but in reality, they are not. In fact, in the middle ages, they had the habit of inserting a bell connected to the coffin inside the grave, so that if the dead … was not dead, he would be able to alert …

Horrible stories…

But in the case of cremation, a METAPHYSICAL problem emerges for the cremated. … That’s probably why the witches in the middle ages were punished by burning.

When we die, what initially happens is that we leave our physical body for a period of about 40 days, wandering in the aetheric energy areas with our aetheric body. This enables us to adapt to the new situation.

This is a period that the difficulties for the Soul have not yet begun…

The physical body (that is buried) is not yet completely dissolved, and thus the aetheric body is also not completely dissolved. The aetheric body is completely connected with the physical body as the pattern/template that supports it.

“The aetheric body completely permeates the physical body in all its parts and fills it throughout. It is to be seen as the architect of the physical body, so to speak.
The form and structure of all physical body organs are maintained by the currents and movements of the aetheric body. Our physical heart is based on the aetheric heart; our physical brain on the aetheric brain and so on.

The aetheric body is differentiated (multipartite), just like the physical body, but it’s more complicated. In the aetheric body, everything is in a living, flowing state of interpenetration, whereas in the physical body, there are distinctly separate parts.” [RUDOLF STEINER, ‘OCCULT SCIENCE’]

“The aetheric body is the canvas on which the physical body of man is weaved, by aetheric vibration.” [NIKOLAOS MARGIORIS, ‘DESYMBOLIZATION OF THE GREEK. MYTHOLOGY ‘]

Once the physical body enters into complete disintegration, the aetheric body dissolves as well, and the soul remains enclosed in the next body, the mindless astral body, governed/mastered ONLY by emotions.

Then, the decoder aetheric brain is dissolved, along with the aetheric body, and the remaining astral body is unable to generate holographic images of the world. …Do not forget that we are in a universe of unshaped waves of energy that ONLY OUR BRAIN –PHYSICAL AND AETHERIC– transforms to images. Image in reality DOES NOT EXIST.

“In physics terms, we receive electromagnetic waves of various frequencies but we only perceive these stimuli as colors. We receive pressure waves, but we perceive them as words. We incept chemical bonds/compounds from the air and water, but we sense them as odors and tastes. All these colors, sounds, odors, tastes do not really exist on their own, but are mentally created in the brain through sensory processing.” [DANEZIS M. THEODOSIOU S.’COSMOLOGY OF THE INTELLECT’]

The result of the complete dissolution of the physical body is the simultaneous dissolution of the aetheric body. If the physical body dissolves instantaneously, then the aetheric body also dissolves almost instantaneously. The longer the physical body remains intact, the longer the aetheric body is maintained.

This is precisely the reason why the Pharaohs embalmed/mummified their bodies, in order to maintain the integrity of the aetheric body in the aetheric fields. They even surrounded their tombs with all the relevant curses, so that no one would disturb the state they were in.

All “saints” who have preserved their physical bodies after death, –many of them used secret techniques while they were alive– remain in the aetheric fields. From there, they can very easily intervene in the events of the (dense) matter –performing miracles, or the Pharaohs fulfilling their curses– because the aetheric plane is the template upon which everything material is structured. All situations, before they manifest in the material plane/field, they pre-occur in the aetheric.

Once the aetheric body is dissolved, every “image” ceases to exist, since the aetheric decoder-brain also dissolves. The soul then drifts surrounded by the astral/emotional body, in an amorphous ocean of energy emotions, conducted and sustained by its own feelings; the feelings that it cultivated during its life.

That is where the actual post-death path of the soul begins, as well as its JUDGEMENT… “before the awesome tribune of the god” creator, … and of course NOT the Supreme Father! How to avoid this “crisis” we have already said … [1], [2]

Then, the soul, surrounded by its astral/emotional body, is completely unable to hide even the most intimate feelings it fostered during its life, feelings and emotions which have all been imprinted in its astral body. What then follows, is the prescribed course of judgement and punishment that all souls in the astral fields follow in this creation of thralldom (which we are hostages of).

Thus, when the physical body of a dead person is cremated, this horrible period of passing through the astral fields, comes almost instantaneously, before the soul has time to adjust to the new (after-death) situation, and before it has the time to choose the different path that will lead it to more spiritual areas, AVOIDING the astral fields and the judgement that awaits there.

The best thing for someone dead, is to be buried, so that the soul can peacefully follow the path of adjustment.

With cremation, this preparation period in the aetheric fields is extremely shrunk/shortened.

Without the aetheric helmet/body, it is impossible for the Soul to remain in the aetheric field and it is lead straight into the hell of astral dimensions!!!

More information in the book

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