Ecological pollution or disturbance of the earth’s and the sun’s magnetic field as the cause of climate change?

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The best way to prevent a worldwide panic for an upcoming global disaster is to re-direct the peoples’ attention ELSEWHERE!!!

So the elit of the planet, either by simply emptying the peoples’ pockets they create financial crises  —collecting all their gold at the same time— or by eliminating democracy they incite uprisings and create a problematic and difficult everyday life. With these techniques or other similar ones, the attention of the masses is easily re-directed towards the constantly growing everyday problems that the ‘controllers’ methodically arrange in order to avoid the danger of people observing/seeing the upcoming instantaneous reversal of the magnetic poles of the earth, that will dissolve the planet’s atmosphere.

Such a discovery by large portions of people would risk causing an uncontrollable situation. But all these are planned on the basis of a wider panic prevention plan.

Meanwhile the elite of the planet, is preparing for the worst that lies ahead, building underground shelters, storing seeds

Ecological pollution or disturbance of the earth’s and the sun’s magnetic field as the cause of climate change?

Ecological pollution or disturbance of the earth’s and the sun’s magnetic field as the cause of climate change?

and storing our digital DNA imprint, deep inside the Alps.

At the same time, they silence the respected scientific community, since it also agrees that it would be better for the masses not to know! So at the best case scenario, the important news of this kind or the ones that cannot be ignored, will be aired at the end of the news broadcast, passing as unimportant, and the actual serious events are downsized…

And the disturbance of nature is intensified, without the official scientific community officially sharing the real causes of extreme weather phenomena, but giving the rough explanation of the alleged ecological pollution!

So, just like in kindergarten, where they keep children busy with crafts, they reassure the sensitive ones, making them collect plastic bottles and caps from the beaches, planting trees and recycling materials, so that they may feel the satisfaction of contributing to the reduction of the supposed ecological pollution …

However, the (for centuries) inert volcanoes are being activated, earthquakes are multiplying, the land in many places recedes unexpectedly and swallows up buildings and entire building blocks,

Ecological pollution or disturbance of the earth’s and the sun’s magnetic field as the cause of climate change?

the ice is melting in accelerating speed, the amount of annual rainfall continually increases, the rivers overflow and drown the cities,

hurricanes succeed one another with ever-increasing frequency, and all that, is being considered by the unsuspected ones to be “natural”. Thus they continue their lives by putting their hopes to one or the other political party, waiting for it to take them out from the manufactured economic crisis!!!

On the other hand, some opportunist conspiracy theorists, are claiming that the elite of the planet, is set to wipe us out…But what is really happening, is that the actions that are secretly carried out to rebalance climatic disturbances –in order to extend the earth’s lifetime- have as collateral loss, the disturbance of the peoples’ health (see chemtrails). So with their manic-persecutory conspiracy theories, they contribute to a greater silencing of the real causes, turning the attention of the gullible to the wrong places.

However, as time passes, these climatic disturbances will be intensified…

But what is the root-cause of all this climate of unrest?



Ecological pollution or disturbance of the earth’s and the sun’s magnetic field as the cause of climate change?

rapid pole shift,

The reversal of the planet’s magnetic poles occurs after large time intervals with an average of about 250,000 years. But the last reversal happened 780,000 years ago –surpassing the specified time by a lot -, and fate demands that our generation witnesses a new one…

The shift of the magnetic poles will result in the weakening and disruption of the magnetic field of Earth which protects the planet from deadly radiation coming from outer space.

The strong explosions of space radiation, that normally never touch the atmosphere, are causing strange phenomena in the sky, and generally in the atmosphere.

These explosions of space radiation, will heat up the upper layers of the Earth causing abrupt climate change. , The greatest risk however, will come from intense explosions of solar radiation. Normally, these are treated by the magnetic field of our planet. But if it disappears, storm particles will start bombarding the atmosphere.

Dr. Paul Murdin, of the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge says:

“These solar particles can have profound effects. When Mars’s magnetic field, failed to become permanent – billions of years ago – it led to the dissolution of its atmosphere. On Earth, the lack of it will heat up the upper atmosphere with huge and unpredictable effects on the climate. “

Elchin Khalilov, Chairman of:
(a) The World Organization for Scientific Cooperation,
(b) The International Committee for Global Geological and Environmental Change and -GGEC GEOCHANGE and
(c) The Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes, claims that those muffled noises that alarmed the residents of many regions of the Earth in 2011-2012, were the result of explosions in the atmosphere, and answers the question about the nature of these strange noises:

“We analyzed recordings of such sounds and found that the spectrum of most can be found in the range of infrasound, which cannot be heard by humans. What people hear is a small fraction of the actual power of these sounds. These are low frequency acoustic emissions in the range of about 20 to 100 Hz modulated with very low frequency waves.

They are created in the upper atmosphere, at the atmosphere-ionosphere border in particular.

… In our opinion, the source of such loud and vast manifestations of acoustic gravity waves must be due to a wide range of energy processes.

These processes include very powerful solar flares and the huge amount of energy flowing from them is rushing toward the Earth’s surface, destabilizes the magnetosphere, the ionosphere and the upper atmosphere.

Thus, the effects of powerful solar eruptions, the impingement of shock waves of the solar wind, the streams of particles and the electromagnetic radiation bursts, are the main causes of generating acoustic waves of acoustic gravity that follow the increase of solar activity. “

Of course acoustic effects of that nature are not common in our world, but are rather unprecedented, because of the paradox universal conditions that have sterted manifesting.

Elchin Nusrat Khalilov on Twitter gives a chilling insight into the Earth’s future and in summary states that the changes happening on Earth have a threatening global character and the greatest danger is the behavior of the magnetic fields of the Sun and of the Earth. The possibility of a reversal of the geomagnetic field is more likely than ever since there is a continuous acceleration of the movement of the magnetic poles and a decrease of the intensity of the magnetic field. These unusual energy changes are happening simultaneously to other planets in our solar system as well.

pole shift,

In July 1967, researchers of the University of Cambridge suggested that possibly the extinction of dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles 65 million years ago, happened because of the reversal of the magnetic field of the earth, due to the weakening of the protective magnetic shell because of intense solar effects. Thus the land was subjected to dangerous waves of cosmic radiation, which brought profound changes in the climatic conditions and generally to the living environment.

With the magnetic poles shift, many species of animals and birds and fish that migrate based on their ability to follow the Earth’s magnetic field, will face very serious orientation problems.


Dead Birds-Louisiana

The following video shows how the Earth’s magnetic field affects the behavior of living organisms.


Alongside the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field due to the shift of the magnetic poles, there is also a weakening of solar winds, i.e. the constant current of charged subatomic particles emitted by the sun.

The solar wind, that “transfers” the magnetic field of the Sun, creates a large protective sphere around the solar system, which is the “boundary” with interstellar space, the heliosphere.
But the solar wind is at its lowest strength of the last five decades, reducing the natural “shield” that surrounds our solar system. The heliosphere also diminishes in size and strength, allowing a biggest portion of cosmic rays to reach the inner solar system and by extension the Earth.

The maximum value of solar activity, constantly decreases.

Observations conducted with the solar telescope SOHO, recorded the extremely weak magnetic field of the Sun’s poles, something that greatly affects the mechanism of sunspot formation. In mid 2013 the average number of sunspots –sun spots smaller than usual- was around 105, far less than the average of the year 2000 (about 120 spots), thus predicting a solar “maximum” both delayed and quieter -after the new solar activity that was expected in 2012, begun in mid 2013-.

All observations to date indicate that this solar “maximum” will be of the lowest recorded so far, and will not be anywhere near the solar maximums of previous years. Many astronomers are convinced that the solar maximum, is finished…

The weakening to the point of disappearance of the magnetic fields of both the Sun and the Earth due to the shift of their magnetic poles, will have dire consequences on the planet’s surface, leaving the Earth unprotected, not only from the bombardment of solar radiation but also from cosmic radiation. This will result in the activation of volcanoes, powerful earthquakes and tsunamis, the emergence of strong hurricanes and intense extreme weather events with extreme (very high and very low) temperatures.

All these therefore are the reasons that in reality affect the climate of the Earth and not so much the environmental pollution. That is why some countries (because THEY KNOW) did not sign the Kyoto Treaty…

Vladimir Baskin, who is waiting for a new frost season on the Earth, believes that climate change is not caused by human activity but by solar changes and says:

“Scientific climate research of previous geological periods, forces us to doubt the necessity of the Kyoto Protocol requirements. The Protocol limits emissions of greenhouse gases and allows the marketing rights of these emissions. The emission of carbon dioxide is a normal natural process, and not solely the result of human activity. “

The Indian tribe of Hopi has a prophecy about the end of the world:

“There will be a time when the Earth will be surrounded by invisible threads and through these threads people will communicate with each other. (Internet and wireless communication …) When this happens then the world will end. “…

What are we therefore left to do, since we cannot save our bodies and it is doubtful whether our planet will exist, to reincarnate? We can save our souls… How?
By reading the book: “Can you stand the truth; The Chronicles of man’s imprisonment “!!!

can you stand the truth?

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