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A few days ago I watched a very pessimistic video, one of those circulating the web, and refer to the Matrix.

The video clearly shows the possibility of “opening” a gateway portal, with both the opposite powers of this world/matrix: The frozen (positive) and the burning hot (negative).


None of them however can ensure the getaway! Both portals lead the fugitive back to his cage, because both of these powers are under the power and control of the Matrix prison.

That’s what men do: They use the matrix’s tools and with them they hope to escape the matrix!!!!

They are integrated into groups:

Those who join the positive side and are trained to its qualities/traits:  positivity, healing, foresight, futurology and other tricks of the sixth sense; and the others with the negative side, serving the dark powers and magic, hoping that these powers will open the great gate…

Positivity aims to present the matrix prison as beautiful and tempting, preventing every aspiring escapee from leaving it, and negativity succeeds to confuse and short-circuit his brain.


What a sad situation!!!

The real danger/trap is that humans have not yet realized, that these two powers-good and evil- are servants of the Matrix…

fire-yin yang

In the aforementioned video, the features of Yin-Yang are very successfully described!

While the heroine attempts to escape through the hot portal, she returns back to her cell through the opposite portal (the cold one).

The law of oscillation prevails everywhere, as each situation (warm gate) gives birth to its opposite (cold gate).

The day gives birth to the night and the night, the day in return.

Inhalation produces exhalation and exhalation provokes inhalation.

The same endless cycle everywhere….of the unending alternating oscillation where everything gives birth to its opposite.

In reality there’s no good nor evil, only our own changing perception, depending on which point of the wheel of “life” we find ourselves on every occasion.  From there, we observe life’s events, and they sometimes seem “good” to us, while at others we perceive them as “evil”.

If we shift to the opposite end from the one we used to be at first, we’ll perceive the same events from a new and different point of view and we’ll define them completely differently than before.



“What is the sin of the world? The Master said: There is no sin, but it is you who make sin exist when you act according to the habits of your nature.


Then someone might wonder:

―How can we then escape from this situation/trap, when we are doomed to fail no matter which side’s (positive or negative) tools we use???

The answer is:

Firstly by realizing that we live in a prison.

By coincidence, what the video shows is consistent to what I describe in my book (Can you stand the Truth? The chronicle of man’s imprisonment) about man’s mendacious (untruthful) freedom.

…The freest man today has the same amount of “freedom” as a prisoner in his cell, who can either lie down, walk around, read, dream, remain standing or sit –but always in his cell…

This imprisonment is described by Plato:


Plato’s Phaedo or about the Psyche(Soul) (62b):

“Now the idea that is taught in the secret teachings about this matter, is (that) we men are in a kind of prison and must not set ourselves free or escape… and that the gods are our guardians and that we men are one of their possessions…?


The heroine of the video already knows well enough, that she is in prison. This knowledge however, is not adequate on its own. Something more is needed:

The realization/understanding that both sides of the coin- although different from each other- belong to the same fake coin.



“9. Light and Darkness, life and death, right and left, are twin brothers of one another. They are inseparable from each other.

Because of this neither are the good good, nor the evil evil, nor is life life, nor death death.”


This understanding of the universal duality, further leads to the realization of our own divided existence. It is comprised of the two spiritual parts of man:

The Divine Spark/Adam that is incarnated in the material human (man or woman), and his higher Spiritual state that is called Higher Self or I AM PRESENCE /Eva or by other similar names.

Plato, in the following excerpt, doesn’t refer to a material state of man, but to a Spiritual one; that’s why he says that “at the beginning man was round and his sides were forming a circle”.

The point of interest is the division of that Man by Zeus, a division similar to the one of Adam and Eve.



For our original nature was by no means the same as it is now. In the first place, there were three kinds of human beings, [189e] not merely the two sexes, male and female, as at present: there was a third kind as well, which had equal shares of the other two, and whose name survives though, the thing itself has vanished. For ‘man-woman’ was then a unity in form no less than name, composed of both sexes and sharing equally in male and female;

… Secondly, the form of each person was round all over, with back and sides forming a circle

…Zeus…said: “I will slice every one of them in two, so that they are made weaker.”


This division resulted in the death of man, i.e. his imprisonment inside the Matrix.



“When Eve was inside Adam, there was no death: When she was separated from him, death came”


If a person, separated from his Higher Spiritual part, decides to escape the Matrix, HE WILL FAIL.

To escape he must be COMPLETE, FULL i.e. UNIFIED.

Let’s see now how this can be achieved.

Everything in this world is a fractal that infinitely extends in a repeating pattern. Everything that exists in the microcosm also exists in the macrocosm.

Every level is in accordance with all other levels.


So let’s come to the axiom:


Material scientists say:

“If two photons at a given point, have reacted with each other very closely, no matter how much we distance them from each other, then these two photons will not behave as two separate objects, but as a whole with mutual properties and behavior. If we separate them from each other too much and provide one with an information, then with astonishment we find that the information is transferred to the other in speeds multiple to the speed of light.

In Switzerland an experiment like that took place 10+ years ago“


Let us make an analogy between these two photons that were at the beginning reacting with each other, and the unified Celestial Man (Divine Spark + I AM PRESENCE). After their separation (the two photons) are like Adam and Eve, they distance themselves from each other and each follows its own course.

In this particular case Adam (=Divine Spark) is incarnated in the material plane sometimes as a man and others as a woman, and Eve as his I AM PRESENCE or Higher Self, wonders around at the HIGHER energy planes/dimensions of this world. The desideratum is that both parts of the divided man acquire the knowledge that




Ouranios-AnthroposGOSPEL OF THOMAS

Celestial Man §22. “When you become One out of the two, when you make the inner like the outer and the high like the low, when you make male and female into a single One, so that the male is not male and the female is not female, when you have eyes inside your eyes, a hand inside your hand, a foot in your foot, and an icon inside your icon, then you will enter the Kingdom!”

…Then you will escape the Matrix!!!

When this information becomes understood by both parts of man, a re-unification procedure will start.

This is an “engagement” period… And like a human relationship, there must be a mutual cooperation between the two fiancés, there must also be mutual withdrawals and the leading role must be assigned to the more competent one. The same principal applies to this Spiritual relationship between the two divided parts of the same man.

egoThis is when people come face to face with their “ego”- the human “ego”- and instead of giving the leading role of this very difficult process to their Higher Spiritual part, they assign it to their material one ―including the astro-aetheric parts of the material― and they assume “action” as a fighter!!!


…They all become fighters!!!…wowwwwwwww!!!


…This is where they literally lose the game …Like the heroine in the video!!!

But if they let their Higher Spiritual part (The “I AM PRESENCE”) take the action, then the terms and conditions change and the actions become totally different!

Then a partnership is automatically created: The material part (including the asto-aetheric bodies) does NOT act, it subsides, it becomes second and humble and it just informs the Higher Spiritual part about the surrounding conditions and situations. Action and control are always carried out, exclusively, by the Higher Spiritual Part of Man.

Only this Spiritual Part is capable of confronting the Matrix guardians.

This is where the defeats of some “great” astral fighters take place; this is where the urge for humility by some religions stems from

The lower bodies of man are subdued and obey the commands of the Higher Spiritual Body of Man. To accomplish this, absolute control of the ego is required.


At this point I must clarify the main attribute of the Spirit.

Spirit is NOT energy, IT IS ESSENCE (Gr.: Ουσία [Ousseea) and It is identified with the Indivisible.

It is the antithesis of the Divisible, that is part of the duality (+) (-) of energy, no matter how dense.


Escaping the matrix can be accomplished exclusively by the Spirit and not by the asto-aetheric bodies …let alone the physical one!!!

Good luck!!

can you stand the truth?

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