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In the name and by the power of the ransom of our salvation through the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Divine Spark that is in me and that I Am. With gratitude I call on, I acknowledge and accept from the Kingdom of Heaven:
The Mantle of True Light of the World-savior Jesus Christ, that through the ruptured gate/passage, penetrates all the energy planes of the world and ends up in visible matter to surround me as a constantly enflaming and consistently expanding protective cylinder of light around me, accompanying me in every place and every activity and eliminating any malicious obstacle; its cause and its core; including within it (… people we want to protect, situations that need strengthening or areas that need protection are mentioned …)

Through my cosmic existence I understand the fortified unification bridge to My True Spiritual Begetter and the True Light anchored in my natural brain surrounding all my being and all my bodies with the unstained benevolent (Agathon) Wisdom.
I also accept the All-powerful Armor that is offered to me with love by the Redeemer Jesus Christ. Moreover, I accept the additional protection of the Kingdom of Heaven, through a Guardian Angel*, which was granted to me from There, as a very necessary protection for me in life.
I make this invocation in the name of the Omnipotence of Jesus Christ and my unified with Him I am Presence, and accept the answer to my call with gratitude from the depths of my Soul.

* In the prayer, you invoke an Angel of the Hyperuniverses (the Kingdom of Heaven), who undertakes ONLY the protection of the Soul and the Spirit.In the Apocryphon Gospel of John, there is a clear separation of the angels.The angels are separated into:a) The Angels of the Real Worlds who protect the Soul and the Spirit, and

b) the angels of poverty – as Jesus calls them – who are no others than the angels of the “positive” expression OF THIS WORLD that settle the material everyday life of the people (karma).

Of course he separates them from the demons of chaos.

And guard yourself against the angels of poverty and the daemons of chaos, and of all those who ensnare you, and beware of the deep sleep of the dungeons of Hades[Apocryphon of John]