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gods-spirit, Love: condition or emotion?


QUESTION: I wonder if the mother’s love for her child is a condition; and after all what is the difference between the condition and the emotion of love?

ANSWER: These are very subtle sensory concepts that are difficult to put into words.

As you cannot describe in words the scent of a plant to someone who does not know its smell, the same difficulty is encountered in describing the condition of Love, to someone who does not realize that our world is an IMAGE.

Because emotional love is also a COPY of the Condition of Love as is the whole material / energy world of the Matrix (a COPY).

Look how clearly Plato describes it in “Timaeus” (lyrics: 37c6-37d7):

“And when the father who begat it perceived the CREATED IMAGE OF THE ETERNAL GODS, that it had motion and life, he rejoiced and was well pleased: and he bethought him to make it yet MORE NEARLY LIKE ITS PATTERN.

Now whereas that is a living being eternally existent, even so he essayd to make all the like to the best of his power.

Now so it was that the nature of the ideal was eternal. But to bestow this attribute altogether upon a created thing WAS IMPOSSIBLE;

so he bethought him to make a MOVING IMAGE OF ETERNITY, and while he was ordering the universe he made of eternity that abides in unity and eternal image moving according to number.”
…God always geometrizes…

So there lies the actual difficulty:

For someone to realize that our world is a COPY.
It’s a hologram.
It is a moving picture of the True.

If this is understood, then the realization that our emotions are also images of the true ones and Love even more so, will follow.

“All that is found on earth, are not real, but only IMITATIONS OF THE TRUTH and yet not all of them, but only a few. The rest is lies and delusion, constructed like the pictures of imagination.” [Hermes Trismegistus Excerpt IIa(p.111)]

So the astrophysicist John Gribbin in his article in the newspaper «Daily Telegraph» entitled: “Do we live in a designed universe?” is not wrong when he claims in different words from Plato and Hermes Trismegistus, that our world was not created by an omniscient god, but by beings like us, using very sophisticated technology. (These beings, in the apocryphal gospels of Nag Hammadi, are called “archons”)

Specifically he says that a particle accelerator, slightly stronger than the one operating at CERN, would be capable of creating the black hole into which our universe was formed.

And he continues: Our universe was made by a technologically advanced civilization in another part of the multiverse. … A civilization that has the technology to create universes/babies, will surely find the temptation irresistible.

… Of course, the man is an astrophysicist, not a philosopher!

So, a material man of THIS ARTIFICIAL UNIVERSE, -of the 2D land as Edwin Abbott calls our world – is not capable of experiencing the true, outside / Hyper-Universal Love, BUT AN IMAGE OF IT.

Thereby the mothers Love for her child, is definitely NOT a “Condition of Love “and certainly not Spiritual Love!!! The same “maternal filter” can be found in animals, from which the “superior” man wants to differentiate himself!

So this maternal love, arises originally from a purely hormonal process, during pregnancy. Then these hormones affect (activate) the genes and then we enter into the absolutely energy condition, when the “Ego” of the parent, is transferred onto his child’s personality.

These are human emotions, gene recordings/programs, which differ only slightly from the emotions of animals, and have no relationship with the Spiritual (Platonic) Good (Agathon), nor with the True worlds beyond and outside of the Matrix.

These positive emotions are useful for man’s social interactions. But they are ALL COPIES of Love, as is all the material/energy world of the Matrix.

In my book “Can you stand the Truth, The Chronicle of man’s imprisonment” I describe it as follows:

“The Truth lies in the concepts of things and not in the things themselves. Look at this picture depicting a horse galloping in the meadow. What relation can this picture have to the real living horse running lively in an ever-green meadow with the wind blowing through its mane and echoing its gallop? …Minimum to no relation at all. Similarly, the Real, Life-giving concept of Love bears no relation whatsoever to what even the best of men can feel.”

But man, through his enormous “EGO”, REFUSES TO ACCEPT that- he the “magnificent” – is a trapped hostage of a lesser being (which he also calls god), and that this prison of flesh that surrounds him IS UNABLE to experience the real condition of Love!!!

… Responsible for everything of course is the overvaluation of the mortal septic flesh!!! This “living death” as Hermes Trismegistus calls the material body:

“But first you must throw away the garment you wear; the fabric of ignorance, the foundation of all malice; the bond of corruption; the dark Coverture; the living death; the Carcass that has senses, the Sepulcher (tomb) you carry with you; the domestical Thief, HIM WHO HATES THROUGH WHAT HE LOVES AND ENVIES THROUGH WHAT HE HATES.” [HERMES TRISMEGISTUS Speech VII §2]

When a person starts to care about how he can escape from this world of the Matrix, then he realizes that emotion (positive and negative) becomes an obstacle. Because for someone to abandon the dyadic illusion of the Matrix, and progress to the absolute unity of the “ONE”, he must primarily abdicate/renounce duality and all its manifestations.

It is impossible —as you understand— to deny only the one side of the coin and accept the other!!! … You simply deny the coin and both its sides. You deny the entire Matrix!

… There lies the fragmentation of some deficient “researchers”, when they accept half the Matrix and reject the other half!!! …

He should therefore pass on to a different process, balancing –as much as he can, and as much matter allows it-his emotional contradictions, aiming to the perfect balance and the implementation of “Good measure”!

This is necessary because:

“§18. Sensations (feelings) are both corporeal and mortal, as they resemble the (material) body in constitution. On the contrary, immortal bodies have no feeling, precisely because they are immortal.” [HERMES TRISMEGISTUS Speech IV, §18,19]

But there’s a very fine line that needs special attention:

If the balancing of emotions, is not developed simultaneously (in parallel) with Spirituality, he could fall in the so-called “insensitivity”.

It is impossible for a man immersed in materialism, to achieve emotional balance. He will definitely fall into brutal “insensitivity”!

Emotional balance must be consistent:

(1st) with dissociation from materialism and with virtuous living, … because it is impossible, when you refuse the Matrix, to dive into its “pleasures”…NOR SHOULD YOU TRY TO IMPROVE IT and
(2nd) with the acknowledgement/envisage/gaze of the OUTSIDE OF THE MATRIX Deity.

After achieving this emotional balance, a different condition will slowly begin to grow in man, beyond emotion, that is related to the actual Goodness (Agathon). This Benevolence (Agathon) is the absolute goodness, WITHOUT EMOTION. It is a very special condition that is almost impossible to be described verbally. Then the “good” takes a different dimension/level, outside the boundaries of a “positive” feeling and manifests in completely different ways as it transmutes into Good (Agathon).

It’s a shame that some people do not understand the obvious!

can you stand the truth?

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