Our greatest enemy is our egotistic self

Surrendering to the alien forces inside and around us, can only bring destructive results.

Especially when you (not only) have to face your internal enemies, but also their equivalent daemons of other people who appear in disguise and attack you in full accord with your own ones (daemons).

Because the truth is that, no matter what happens beyond us (appearing to happen outside of ourselves), the entirety of our essential management is always based on our internal issues/affairs.

Only when we find the guts to look boldly at our own false gods and daemons, can we essentially reconsider the priorities of our lives and walk the path of effective healing.

The factions/clans of our daemons are classified inside the multilevel aspects of our positive and negative Egos. They are two sides of the same counterfeit coin.

The struggle is relentless, the road is long, and hope is a false sign of salvation.

But there is salvation. It exists, even though it is quite difficult to distinguish it into our blurry and clouded material/energy life.

Let us invoke the pure spirit within us and the pure substance of which it is composed.

Someone outside the filth of the material universe loves us with plain, candid, unconditional and Eternal love.

My biggest enemy is myself.

The battle against our lower nature is the most essential battle we fight in this otherwise futile material life.

We will not bow our heads. We will fight until our last breath.

Because this is our highest sacred duty and because it is what our conscience eventually calls us to do.


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