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Writes Angeliki Anagnostou

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Death and the post-mortem path of the Soul…
“What happens after material life?”

An agonizing question, that people usually bury deeply within themselves because they simply do not know or are afraid of the answer. And restlessness for the great mystery of the post-mortem adventure is hiding inside every human being!

The easiest and most convenient answer is that with death, everything is over and lost.

… But it isn’t like that …

An even more convenient view is the dreamlike peaceful abidance (stay) of the soul in the post-mortem areas of the universe.

… But it isn’t like that either…

But when the soul feels the fear of death, it KNOWS very well why it is afraid, regardless of the fact that it does not disclose this information to the material brain of its perishable carrier.

The issue is such that we are in danger of overanalyzing … but for some basic information, we will not be able to avoid it; otherwise we will not be able to have a wider and more complete picture of it.

So, we need to begin with some basic information that we will then unite, in order to reach the Solution/Key to the most Secure Path for the Redemption of the Soul from the world of the Matrix or Samsara, as the Eastern religions call it.

1) Our multidimensional universe – not just its visible part – at its uppermost energy level is surrounded by an incredibly powerful rotating energy/flame that is in constant and uninterrupted flow.

Any existence that approaches this rotating flaming energy is unable to break through its burning orbit and is hurled (thrown) back by the flame’s extreme power with great force.

This force —like prison bars— holds every existence hostage inside ALL the energy planes of this world, including and up to the second virtual paradise (Nirvana).

The Souls of the Beings can roam inside the energy planes that are surrounded by this force, but it is almost impossible for a soul to pass through it.

We find this rotating force/border, in some scripts:

“And at the east of the garden of Eden he stationed the cherubim, and a revolving, flaming sword, to guard the way to the tree of life.”
[GENESIS ch. 3:24]

So, the archon of this world, -called “god”-placed this rotating force, like a barrier, to prevent the passage of the spiritual man to the tree of True Life, imprisoning him inside the universe of decay and death, inside his multi-dimensional Matrix.

“They elevated me aloft to heaven. I proceeded, until I arrived at its wall, built with stones of crystal. A vibrating flame (tongues of fire) surrounded it, which began to strike me with terror.”
[The book of Enoch ch 14:10]

This situation therefore is a real obstacle for the soul of a man wanting to escape from this Matrix universe/prison.

This energy flaming continuum at the boundaries of the invisible universe, enclosing within it the multidimensional universe, the gods, the demons, people and generally all the visible and invisible creation, in the cosmogony of the peoples of the Earth, was depicted as an “egg” which represented the origin of the supreme being, the creator of the world.

This universal/cosmic “egg”, depending on the religion, was named as: the “Egg” of Ra or Orphic “Egg” or “Egg” of Brahma etc.

Nevertheless, on this energy flaming continuum, at the boundaries of this universe/egg, there is a breach! There is a Passage!!!

This breach, however, is very difficult to be identified/spotted by a soul, taking into account the circumstances prevailing in post-mortem life.

Luckily, for this problem, there is a solution.

Let’s keep this information then, like a piece of the puzzle, so that after we collect the rest of the pieces, we will be able to compose the full picture.

Let us now move on to another piece of information about the nature and the characteristics of energy; because man, besides matter, is also energy and spirit:

Quantum science studies the structure of atomic and subatomic particles. The electrons of the atom possess a very strange property. Their energy consists of distinct parts – which cannot be subdivided – in quantities that are called quanta.

Quanta are considered to be the smallest amount of energy and are otherwise called “energy packs.” As in matter the smallest part is the atom, so in energy (again in an atomic level) the smallest part is the quantum.

This subatomic level, is called by metaphysics aetheric or pranic (prana) plane. So, man is surrounded by seven bodies, of energy and spirit; but not all of them are active in all human beings.

The body which we will now focus on and with which we will seek the path for the redemption of the Soul, is the aetheric body, the first subtler energy body, after the physical/densely material one.

This body possesses some particular characteristics that will help the soul move accordingly inside the post-mortem spaces.

It consists of a network of bright energy threads, which forms a model of the physical body. The aetheric body is the template/blueprint on which the physical body is formed. It is in other words, an exact duplicate copy of the physical body made of energy.

Thus, as there is a physical heart, there is also an aetheric (energy) heart. As there is a physical brain, there is also an aetheric (energy) brain and so on.

This energy (aetheric) body is the body that surrounds the soul during the first days after a natural physical death.

The aetheric body —as the structure maker of the physical body— is preserved after death, for as many days as the physical body retains a minimum level of consistency. As the physical body melts, the aetheric template simultaneously dissolves, until it completely disintegrates within 40 days after death.

In the past, the Pharaohs deliberately tried to maintain their physical body intact (through mummification) in order to preserve their aetheric body for longer periods of time.

The same also happens with the bodies of some saints which do not melt. These saints remain in the aetheric plane – the “architect” plane of the material – and through this plane, they possess the “tools” to interfere into the material plane, performing “miracles”.

… But they still remain hostages inside this universe/matrix/prison, since ALL energy dimensions, are confined within THIS universe/egg!

When, after death, the physical/material body decomposes enough, and therefore (after the 40 days) the aetheric body dissolves, the soul remains surrounded by the next inner and subtler energy-body, the astral: the body of emotions.

But as in material life, emotions were not logical, the same applies in the post-mortem course of the Soul!

Thus, after the aetheric body —which still possesses the aetheric brain— is dissolved, the soul remains enveloped by the mindless / astral body. It then loses all the ability for logic, and is driven and led by the torrent of the emotions it cultivated during its material life.

At that phase, every possibility of redemption disappears, and the soul follows the “usual” post-mortem course of every uninitiated soul of this world.

But let’s move on to another piece of information that we should include in our puzzle:

“Time” in a quantum/energy level; and subsequently the effect of time on the aetheric/energy body!

Time is in reality a spatial dimension within the four-dimensional (material) universe, along with the other three spatial dimensions (length, width, height). Each of these dimensions indicates the location of an object within space. Every time our consciousness “illuminates” one of the static images of space, it creates the illusion of motion.

Thus, continuously bouncing from one spatial frame to the next, time after time, our senses create the illusion of passing time. This is an obscure situation that human consciousness perceives as movement in time.

Time is an Illusion

Time, in essence, is an illusion of human consciousness, and exists as an impermeable barrier, only in the densely material plane. In fact, “EVERYTHING is happening Here and Now”.

Fred Hoyle: “Everything exists. What has once existed and what will exist in the future, already exists in the present. Only our consciousness makes the separation and creates a sense of historical sequence and that of the passing time.”

Having the dense material body inside the three-dimensional spatial universe, jumping in the past or in the future – with this body – is almost impossible.

In a quantum/energy level, however, things become simpler!!!
As quantum theory puts it, in the quantum level, the possibility of successive submersions from the past to the future and from the future to the past clearly exists, from and to all moments of the (virtual/non-existent) time…

Physicists Daniel Greenberger (of City University of New York) and Karl Svozil (from the Vienna University of Technology in Austria) have shown the most basic characteristics of quantum theory, concluding that quantum theory allows time travel because nothing is preventing energy waves from returning back in time.

Stuart Hameroff: “It is only in our minds that we move forward in time. In quantum-theory you can also go backwards. You can always go backwards in time.”

It is well known that the metaphysical community has received with great relief the new quantum science positions, because the supernatural phenomena that are displayed by the spiritualists at their various gatherings are interpreted based on the existence of a fourth quantum (aetheric) dimension.

Therefore, when a person is in an energy (quantum) state, like when he is with his aetheric body (surrounding the soul), he/she has the ability to move to any moment in time because in that quantum/aetheric state (of the fourth dimension), there is an eternal present!!

This is a very advantageous possibility, because at a certain moment of the (virtual) human time, lies the KEY of the passage through the breach that was created in the energy flaming and rotating barrier of the universe …

To confirm the identification of the fourth (quantum) condition with the aetheric, we will associate the similarities:
For the material man, a material wall is an impenetrable barrier that he cannot pass through. For a four-dimensional (aetheric) man however, a wall is nothing! In the fourth dimension, with a jump, he can pass through the wall and come out on the other side.

We can only find this behavior in the invisible beings of the spiritual world.
Now, how can we escape from our three-dimensional world and move to the 4th (aetheric) dimension?
Through the black holes that become space-time wormholes. In this way the object is transferred to another space:
To the four-dimensional (aetheric) space, which CANNOT be perceived by human senses.

Something similar happens, with death. The individual, through a space-time wormhole (the tunnel of light) —seen by all who cross to the other side— is transported to the four-dimensional space where time takes on a totally new dimension and accessibility.

Thus, a dead man has the ability to go through walls, but also to experience an eternal present, past and future, which is the status quo of the fourth dimension …

Concluding with the three key elements:

1) That there is an impenetrable flaming and rotating barrier that encompasses the boundaries of our multidimensional universe.

2) That our aetheric body, as the builder of the material body, possesses (in an energy/quantum state) all the tools of the mind (Noũs), providing the ability of “thought” in the early phases of the post-mortem areas.

3) That in a quantum/energy level – in the aetheric plane – there is the possibility for any existence/individual to move to any moment of the universal virtual time.

… we can now proceed to the solution of our problem.

We come now to the point where we can decode a KEY-phrase of Christ when he announces to His disciples – during the Last Supper – His departure from the material plane.

[John ch. 14]
“1. Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in me.
2. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?
3. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.
4. You know the way to the place where I am going.
5. Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?”
6. Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
7. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.”

The key-phrase is this: ‘I AM THE WAY’!!!
And this phrase is said by Christ, in response to Thomas’s question, on how to find him after his departure from the material world …

“Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?
Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

“Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?
Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

The impenetrable flaming and rotating border (the rotating sword), CANNOT BE BROKEN THROUGH by any soul (on its own) without “outside” help, despite the wishful thinking of some “spiritual fighters” who hope to escape the Matrix by themselves!

This is so, because every soul holds WITHIN, a part of its creator/god – who is also the creator of the Matrix/prison – through the breath he blew into it.

“Then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the earth; and he blew the breath of life into his nostrils and man became a living soul.” [Genesis B:7]

This part of the archon creator “god” within the very soul of man, controls it completely, and therefore completely manipulates it!

[Gospel of Judas]: “When Jesus observed their lack of understanding, he said to them (to His disciples): ‘Why has this agitation led you to anger? Your god who is within you have provoked you to anger within your souls.”

When Jesus says “Your god who is within you”, He means this breath of the fallen creator, which lies within every human soul, and forbids any possibility of escaping.

“The Solar god exclaims: I am the creative soul of the Celestial abyss. No one sees my nest, no one can break my egg, I am the Lord.”
[Egyptian book of the dead]

But this energy flaming continuum of the universe/egg, was breached by a Supreme Spiritual Wholeness, WHO DID NOT POSSESS WITHIN IT THE BREATH OF THE CREATOR as a Soul, but was Autonomous, Self-contained and Independent, since IT WAS PURE UNDIVIDED SPIRIT!!!
That Supreme Wholeness, was Christ!!

[John 14:30] “I will not speak much more with you, for the ruler of the world is coming, and he has nothing in Me (=he has nothing in Me that belongs to him).”

Implying that Jesus as PURE SPIRIT did not have in Him the “breath” of the creator as every human soul does.

Only such a Supreme Force could break the impenetrable barrier of the universe/egg, despite the ruler of this world bragging that no one could breach his “egg” …

[Orphic Hymn: IV ‘Fumigation to Protogonus, Myrrh]: “I invoke Protogonus, the dimorphic, the great one who wanders through the aether, the egg-born, rejoicing with the golden wings; having the countenance of a Taurus (bull) who gave birth to the blessed gods and mortal men.”
[The commentator of the ‘Orphic Hymns’ mentions]: “Pay attention to the fact that the Orphic egg never breaks”

So, the cosmic/universal egg is broken! But the breach created in the rotating flaming barrier, with Christ’s exit from the material universe, is very inconspicuous (hard to locate)!

“But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it” [Matthew 7:14]

… Could Christ be speaking about this Gate/Passage?

So how can today’s man find the way of escape that Christ has opened? How can he identify/locate the breach created in the energy flaming continuum?

We will make use of the two other elements at our disposal – from the basic principles of quantum physics – by applying them to the aetheric body after the death of the physical one.

After the soul leaves the body – now surrounded by the aetheric body which still retains the aetheric brain – it has the ability to experience what it thinks, instantaneously.

Thus, by its mere thoughts, it can be transferred in the aetheric plane to the REAL MOMENT OF THE CRUCIFIXION, when Christ is preparing to leave His last Breath in the world of matter and begin to initiate His exodus breaking the impenetrable barrier.
AT THAT PRECISE MOMENT, thousands of Souls are close to Him to follow Him …

The “THERE AND THEN” is the key!
We must note that the aetheric quantum plane of the fourth dimension may be the plane of the eternal now, but it is the choice of each aetheric existence on which “frame of now” it will focus. A very subtle point, which we will now analyze.

In the aetheric environment of Golgotha, there are thousands of souls waiting to follow Christ to the great exit.
The following verse from the Acts of John, although particularly obscure, depicts the scene.

“And the Lord said to me […] those whom thou seest in the Cross, if they have not also one form (it is because) every Limb of the One who came down has not yet been gathered together.”

(At that moment in material time, when John is receiving this spiritual message, there is only an aetheric imprint of the future beings (people), because in the material world they have not yet been born. They are the ‘people of the future’ who will be gathered there to follow Christ when he breaches the energy continuum of the rotating sword.)

“But as soon as the Higher Nature and Race, coming to me in obedience to my Voice, is taken up, then what does not hear me now will become as thou art, and shall no longer be what it is now, but over them even as I am now. For until thou callest thyself mine, I am not that which I am”

…’ until thou callest thyself mine’…

Another key-phrase. Let’s see ‘why’.

As we said, the person in the aetheric/fourth dimension, with thought alone, can be transferred to any time/moment of the past, present or future.

But the moment he will choose to go to, depends on his internal inclination.
Of course, the aetheric body that surrounds him doesn’t have a long duration, as its consistency is related to the condition of the physical body, and will soon begin to lose more and more of these abilities, until the individual will soon find him/herself experiencing other, totally different situations/conditions, and with minimal handling capabilities.

This is why what is to be done, should be done as soon as possible.

If at the time of separation (due to death) the deceased experiences the pain of losing his loved ones in the world of form, his thoughts will revolve around these loved ones, and along with his thoughts, he will be there also.

But if his love for Christ and the longing for the redemption of his/her Soul are superior, then this love for Him will draw/pull him/her to the time when the Gate opening occurs, safely following the path of Salvation.

That’s why the Christ said:
“Anyone who loves his father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.”
[Matthew 10:37]


“Whoever cannot free themselves from their father and their mother cannot become my disciple. Whoever cannot free themselves from their brother and sister is not worthy of Me.”
[Gospel of Thomas §55]

So the exit from the Matrix exists!
But does the Psychic capacity, the right preparation and the courage/strength that will lead the Soul to this exit, exist as well?

can you stand the truth?

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