Self-awareness tips: Spiritual levels

Letter to a friend

Angeliki Anagnostou writes

Before you start your Spiritual path, you must first identify the level you are at. Each level has its own obstacles and its own solutions.

People say: “no evil pure good”. The weight and the problems of everyday life that put pressure on us, can initially become our “springboard”, because while they cause us dissatisfaction, they inevitably create a need for us to turn elsewhere for our redemption. And this “Elsewhere” is the Spiritual pursuit.
The problem, however, lies in the fact that at the same time, we are still connected to our weaknesses and passions, and we get happy when we satisfy them. There, is the danger of being seduced by them.
What can helps us, is to realize that this creates a vicious circle with no way out: [material weaknesses: satisfaction / joy – unsatisfaction / misery].

Our complicated human logic does not allow us to understand that the solution is SIMPLE: And this is the AWARENESS OF THE TRUTH about our world, and about life here, inside matter!
Truth shapes our feelings, and our feelings shape our character. It is a process that I have seen “work’’ in many people.

“Then, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” [John 8:32]

So, at this level, a deep/profound awareness of the truth is helpful, AND NOT JUST ITS MERE RECORDING AS INFORMATION.

When you first learn the Truth, you get upset.
Then ‒under the new perspective‒ you begin to confirm it by observing life and the world around you.

This affirmation begins to act inside and the Truth slowly begins to take root within you.
This acceptance then begins to change your psyche.
The passions, the evils, the jealousies, the hatred, begin to fade. Desires diminish because you know where they come from.
You understand! You understand your enemies and you stop hating them. You have managed to see the place of every being in the cycle of life.

You do not achieve these by strangling your feelings, as most religions urge. They now spring by themselves like a SIDE EFFECT of Truth.

Key Note:
It is not our actions that will save us, but our feelings. Our feelings have the power to lead us to Redemption. The actions simply follow. They do not precede.

That is why Christ rebuked the hypocritical Pharisees, because they were limited to hypocritical acts:

“Alas unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye are like unto tombs, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead bones and all uncleanness.” [Matthew 23:27]

This, of course, is an initial stage (the 1st Spiritual level), because then begins the “Ascent” of a difficult path, because Spirit and matter are two opposite poles:
As one increases, the other decreases.
So to save our Soul, we need our Spirit, but in order to survive in this world, we need our mater.
However, one becomes an obstacle to the other. So, Balance is what is required.

The difficult point (of the 2nd Spiritual Level) begins when the empowered Spirit within you will start being pressured by the need to move away from the material world and at the same time to “flourish”.

You then slowly begin to move away from material pleasures; not because you are pressured to do so, but because you begin to abhor those material “pleasures.”

Thus, you begin to release more and more the Spirit within you and you begin to be fed only by THIS.You then cease to be energetically nourished by the “joys” of material life, and by the people’s energies.As long as you need other people’s energy, this indicates that you are still at level ONE.When you stop being fed by people, you move on to level TWO. This is the difference between vertical (Spiritual) and horizontal (Energy) supply.

In this situation, all we can do is lift the cross of our matter and start the uphill path of our Golgotha. Our Cross then, is no longer the difficulties of everyday life! It is matter itself (when the four elements of matter – earth, water, fire, air – crucify the Spiritual man). It is the phase in which we now hate matter, even though we are obliged to endure it.

— We are now clothed with the Truth about the “quality” of our world.- We are deeply aware that we are  hostages of a crazy entity, that called itself “god”!  – We understand that NEED governs people’s behaviors and we stop investing in them emotionally.  We are now alone with our Spirit, and we are increasingly getting rid of our astral body as we replace it with that of Truth, experiencing on a transcendental level our Sacred Union with our Spiritual Source. (This is Spiritual Level 3)

The first thing you start with is basic self-knowledge.You have to find out for yourself what exactly is happening inside you, what your desires are and what weaknesses are they mobilized by.You should know that all these bad situations you might face, exist in each one of us, and you should not be disappointed by what you discover. This is what material man is.  These all emerge through our daily activities and our contact with other people. So, as you can see, it does not matter what the environment in which you live is, because every situation shows you emotions that you have to locate their source (where they come from, their origin). You should first be able to identify the various psychological phases you went through during the day. You will either remember them (until the end of the day) or you will write them down somewhere.When the day is over and you are quietly resting at home, you will bring back the phases you went through during the day, you will begin to analyze them one by one.


(e.g.) I felt anger for that event. What made me angry? —You will look within yourself to give an answer to this. Then you will discover a new layer of yourself, which is deeper than the original anger. There, you will stand again, and study it.

Then, you will move on to an even deeper layer (of yourself) with a new question:
(e.g.) Why did I want things to be this way? …Or with any other question that will arise from each of your new “findings”.

You will do this for all the emotional phases you went through during the day, and you will go as deep as you can, repeatedly, with ongoing questions.

So, in a way, you will “drive yourself into a corner” and ask of him to give you the reason for the feelings you are experiencing.
In this first phase, you will simply observe and separate things into: (a) what you can control and (b) what you cannot control.
It is helpful to write them down somewhere, so that you can often look back and compare your course.

The second phase – which you will start when you feel ready – will be to start limiting some emotional states, after you have previously identified the weakness from which they originate, controlling and limiting the weakness WHICH IS EASIER AT FIRST.

Usually people do the opposite … They restrain the manifestation, and let the root of the weakness grow. There, is the cause of several diseases that can occur later.

If, for example, you are angry for some reason, it will not be a solution to strangle the outbreak (YOU ONLY LIMIT ITS VOLUME).
All work focuses on treating the root problem that caused this outburst of anger.

My advice to you is to start when you are ready, because this second phase hides a lot of pain and that’s because, when we stop feeding a weakness that has been fed by us, it then turns back to bite ourselves.

You will do the same every day and take notes. In this way, you will start being more conscious in your life, because you will be constantly watching your own reactions.


The “Ego” is the material nature of all beings. It takes a constant struggle just to be controlled. It cannot die…

It ceases to exist only when man comes in contact with the True. When man comes in contact with the True, he will devalue the false, and then his “Ego” will remain apathetic to the false.
Until then it will just be hidden…

“So all that is on earth is not true, but imitations of the truth; and not all, but only a few.
The rest is a lie, a delusion and a conjecture, structured like the images of the imagination; therefore, those who are not seduced by the lie, they see the Truth. ” [Hermes Trismegistus, Excerpt IIA: 3-5]

Can you stand the Truth?

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