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BacCoverScannedParts of THE TRUTH are found fragmented in every viewpoint, religion, aspect, and human ideology. But not a single one of the above can give us the complete picture of IT. As an example, we can take Newton’s spinning-disk experiment and the deflection of (white) light into the seven colors of the rainbow. WHITE LIGHT –which contains all colors– is like the ONE TRUTH, which, like a magic picture, lies in front of everyone’s eyes.  Man, remaining firmly ATTACHED to his personal view (color) cannot compose all colors – aspects – viewpoints and gaze at the ‘White’ color of the TRUTH.  If he can position himself however at a specific “place/point” he will be able TO SEE. Then, everything gets decoded in front of his eyes like a hidden picture that suddenly appears.

Who are right then? The evolutionists  who believe in Darwin’s theory, or the Church when it claims that god created us? …Both!

Who is right: Those who believe in reincarnation or those who persistently reject it? …Both!

Who is right: Those who believe in man’s soul and spirit or those who don’t? …Both!

Who is right: The eye-witnesses of UFO’s or the scientific community that insists there is no intelligent life on other planets? …Both!

The contents of this book gradually move the reader through an ascending-spiral process, from a simple position to a complex one, so as to smoothly reposition him to a different dimension, wherefrom he can gaze at a very different world from what he has believed in up to now.

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