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Question: During meditation, is the effort of “resonating” with the Spirit “within” the same as the effort of resonating with the Hyperworlds ‘outside’? Are there different benefits in each case, or are they both interconnected since the ideogram Π (Πνεύμα=Spirit) indicates portal?

Answer: Indeed, the Spirit (Π) indicates a Gateway to the Hyperworlds! … But:

The connection to the Spirit is a difficult process; otherwise all the people WHO BELIEVE that they are communicating with their spirit, would also know the Truth!!! Isn’t that right???

During meditation, the person is approached by many unseen forces, which are masqueraded by habit!!! The danger there is that someone can be deceived. Thereby most people are misled and believe that they contacted their Spirit.

If you read carefully the chapters of the book, first, second and third phase of self-knowledge, you will see what I write about the TRAPPED spirit!

imprisoned-spirit, The connection to the Spirit,

The Spirit of each person is in a prison. This prison is guarded (blocked) by the oscillating snakes / weaknesses and passions of a man that impede any access to the Spirit. If these passions / weaknesses are not tamed, then no one can come in contact with his Spirit.

Specifically I write in the book, “Can You Stand the Truth? The Chronicle of Man’s Imprisonment”:

“In the foggy atmosphere of his subconscious, the man-observer can descry shadows moving. They are his desires, weaknesses, lusts and passions having ‘assumed form’, that have hypostasis/substance. …

All these entities have an absolutely characteristic movement: They oscillate; sometimes upwards and sometimes downwards. They are alive. Through their movement, they generate emotions in men; oscillating feelings. They (feelings/emotions) are their children. At times, when rising to high levels of their oscillation, they generate beauty, kindness, compassion, joy. Other times, when diving down to low points of their oscillation, they generate pain, disappointment, malice, jealousy and sadness. What goes up must come down. What goes down must come up; moving snakes. Like the Lernaean Hydra of the myth, with its primary body, the Ego.

… Through detailed observation, the man-researcher will discover a whole society of this kind of ‘entities’ with their particular inter-relations, their alliances and their hostilities, their laws and their preferences, but also their ‘family’ bonds. Then he will realize that he is in essence a puppet, since his every move is driven by his desires, his passions, his ambitions and his needs, all of which he considers his own, whereas in reality they (weaknesses/passions) are merely his ‘escorts’, feeding on his actions they themselves cause.”

Astral-demons, The connection to the Spirit,

And the Hermetic texts write about it:

«§10…And (this happens) because there are many groups of daemons round him [man], like hordes of various kinds; the ‘co-dwellers/housemates’ of mortals. And they are not far from the immortals, where from, having received their land by lot, supervise the human affairs and execute the commands given by the Gods …

§14. All of these (daemons) have been allotted the authority over things and turmoil upon the Earth and it is they who bring about all kinds of unrest in social groups and cities (states) and nations and for each individual separately. For they do transform our souls and dominate over them, obsessing and occupying the nerves and the marrow of the bones, inside the veins and arteries, even inside our brain itself down to our very bowel.

§15. When each one of us is born and acquires a soul, the daemons take hold of him, they [daemons] who are in service at that moment [of the wheel] of genesis (creation), who have been appointed to each one of the Stars. These often alternate, for they do not stay the same, but circle around and come back again· these, then, descending through the body into the two parts of the soul, set it (the soul) awhirling, each one towards its own energy (activity).»


ONLY WHEN YOU ARE CLEANSED and relieved from the power of the demons, your own spirit will approach you. If you are not cleansed, only the (disguised) astral beings which surround every man and are supplied by his weaknesses will approach you.

So while you will seek contact with your Spirit, in the end IT will choose when to accept the “marriage” proposal that you will make!!! But for IT to accept it, you must be quite clean!

The cleansing and purifying prayers, the first and the second phase of self-knowledge and the constant struggle with your own self, are the necessary prerequisites.

A measuring sample of how close someone is to his Spirit is:
Spirit ≠ Ego.
This means that the Spirit is diametrically opposed to the “Ego”. The more one increases, the less the other becomes. Also:
Spirit = True Deity.
So if someone does not worship the Deity, it is impossible for him to come into contact with his Spirit.

Also to connect with the Spirit, except the control of the weaknesses, some specific qualities / characteristics are required for the ascending man to cultivate. These are:

(1) Respect towards himself and others.
(2) Solemnity.
(3) Temperance.
(4) Courtesy.
(5) Balance.

So first meditation phase: Prayer and worship of the True Deity.

Second meditation phase: Detection of weaknesses. (First stage of self-awareness)

Third meditation phase: Burning the weaknesses one by one, with the help of the prayer of purification. (Second phase of self-awareness)

Fourth meditation phase: cultivation of the 5 special virtues that surround the Spirit.

Fifth meditation phase: Contacting the Spirit. (Third phase of self-awareness)

The good thing about the Revelation of the Truth (that the book offers) is that this course of connection with the Spirit is minimized!

When contact with the Spirit is accomplished, man’s supply by his fellow-men’s energy CEASES and he is then supplied by the Spirit itself. Human energy seems defiled no matter how “positive” it appears!

THE GOSPEL OF JOHN, CH. 4: «§32. But He (Jesus) said to them, “I have food to eat, which you know nothing about.»

can you stand the truth?

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