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The Mask of the “good person” and its numerous “Faces”

Greek Translation of this article

The Mask of the "good person" and its numerous "Faces"

By Kelly Palantzidou

Studying the book, “Can You Stand the Truth? The Chronicle of Man’s Imprisonment” thoughts, questions, realizations arose in me along with the insight of: That’s it!!

In the process of Self-Knowledge, we come across the masks with which we cover ourselves! One of the masks that we put on in our earthly life is the mask of the “good person”, the worthy fighter (in any of the fields one is seeking approval of), of the admirable!
This mask comes in the form of many disguises! There are a lot of “faces” under it. Anyone willing to turn inwards with sincerity and courage can easily recognize them.

One of these “Faces” is the Face of the Successful person, the one who has been focusing on any kind of achievements, on material prosperity, on being the center of attention in family, social and friendly gatherings.

Let us also mention here, the spiritually successful person… the one who appears with the mask of the spiritually evolved, with the attribute and the gift of “rhetoric” that has its source in the lower mental plane. The one who made it as a popular guru, dragging a multitude of souls with the conviction that he is leading them to salvation whereas the only thing he does is throwing them to the wolves, manipulating the masses with false promises, showing off theatrically the powers of the 6th sense.

Can I acknowledge, by turning inwards, the fact that I have been seeking success and approval throughout the various phases of my life? It might be worthwhile to examine my motives, to find out what motivates me! Under all this well-orchestrated stage, I will uncover nothing else than a big “Ego”!

Another face that serves us well, getting us into the circle of the most welcome, approved, accepted and good persons, is the one who readily and willingly rushes to help… he is the one who appears as Polite, Kind, Generous and Willing but he might grumble and murmur secretly, not being able to carry the burden of the responsibility he took on. The label of Altruism is his emblem, and after a short while, having given away his energy in actions that sprang out of self-interest, out of the need to gain praise and recognition and not out of genuine, inner urge … he asks for the pay back, the reward…

And when this does not come, and certainly in the form he has been seeking for it, he becomes frustrated, angry, even furious!

Once more, I examine my motives! Is the “Ego” hiding deviously behind all this?

Another sub-mask of the Good Person, is the one who is seeking for Love!! The Intellectual who is looking for Love, wandering from one group to the next, carrying the sign of the Researcher….

What am I truly looking for? Why am I doing this? Which are my motives? Could it be that underneath all this search, what truly lies, is my desire to fulfill my emotional lack, my emptiness? Could it be that I am looking for companionship? So, quenching my “ego’s” thirst is what moves me!

The “good one” should not get mad, so he veils his fury with the sub-mask of the suppressed anger, something called Passive Aggressiveness in psychology. What is it that prevents you from showing your frustration and anger? Could it be the fear of losing approval and the title of the “peaceful” and “tolerant” person? So here is one more way for the “Ego” to be boosted!

By examining the motives that make me act, react, behave, I discover the Ego’s one-way route.

All of these masks serve as accessories that go with the greatest Disguise we come into this life: The Body or better said the Bodies that cover our true nature and our True Self! We become identified with them and forget our Essence.

“Jesus said: Whoever knows the world discovers the body. But the world is unworthy of whoever discovers the body.” GOSPEL OF THOMAS

The costumes we have been wearing ever since we were imprisoned in this material existence, in this virtual reality, bear witness to the play we take part in!
By taking off the masks one by one and acknowledging the illusionary nature of the costumes being imposed on us by the creators of the Gaia farm, we discover the Core of our Being!

For a complete, thorough examination of the process of Self-Knowledge one can refer to the Chapter: Self-Knowledge in the book: “Can You Stand the Truth? The Chronicle of Man’s Imprisonment” by Angeliki Anagnostou.


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