The Spiritual Path of yesterday and today

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By Angeliki Anagnostou

As material eternity unfolded, the astral skeptomorphic force (the vitalized energy
born of the thoughts of men) started prevailing in the material universe, since it
was constantly multiplied by the thoughts of men.

On the contrary, the initial
power of the creator gods remained steadily unaltered, something that
increasingly disturbed the balance between them.

On account of that, an ever
increasing percentage of the creators’ hierarchy began to be absorbed (and lost) by the skeptomorphic dynasty, which disguised itself as the gods (their attributes and characteristics) and assumed more leadership privileges in this creation. (The end of Kali Yuga)

“between two evils, the lesser evil is better”

This “change of roles” ―from the creator/gods to the astral/skeptomorhic dynasty― produced symptoms of moral degradation, and loosening of ethics to the human society, tendencies which men today consider ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’. But they only call them so because they can’t imagine their dark origin!

This corrosion of morals and values, spread even deeper, tainting even the spiritual path itself, diverting it towards wrong directions. But this diversion of the Spiritual path was not accidental. It was intended to lead the awakened spirituality of men into dangerous dead-ends.

Thus, while for centuries the path to spiritual redemption was considered arduous, rough and full of ordeals/challenges, today the new trends ― which were methodized completely by the astral (skeptomorphic) dynasty ― have set a path full of convenience and beautified actions, offering spiritual techniques to the hands of uninitiated people, who are ready to throw them into battle with the slightest provocation of their “ego”.

It is known that in the past, the trials the candidates and the students of the various initiation orders underwent, were very harsh, since they demanded absolute obedience, silence and hard work, ensuring the discipline required to achieve a spiritual result.

Also, through these painful trials the candidate mystic forged a fully formed personality and subdued his lower nature and egotism, elements contrary to the spiritual path.

“Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” Mark 8:34

But these modern ―supposedly progressive― tendencies with which today’s people are grafted, made them recalcitrant and undisciplined.

And the worst thing was that they made them believe that this revolutionary behavior of theirs will lead them to “freedom»!!! … To what Freedom???

“Seek freedom, and you will become a prisoner of your desires. Seek discipline, and you will be set free” [Frank Herbert, 1920-1986]

To the illusion of freedom experienced inside the prison of the body?

«Jesus said: “And I entered into the midst of their prison, which is the prison of the body. And I said, He who hears, let him get up from the deep sleep. »

Real Freedom is conquered only when man subdues (with hard struggle) his lower nature and his “ego”, releasing the trapped Spirit within him ―his true hypostasis.

IF he proceeds even further, PERHAPS he will manage to be united through the Holy Matrimony with his Higher Self. Thus, with training and self-knowledge as tools, after his physical death he will be able to escape definitively from the world of delusion. Here inside the material plane, FREEDOM DOES NOT EXIST.

So, I remembered an excerpt from a book I read a long time ago, and I quote it, just to make a COMPARISON of the old technique towards the spiritual path, with today’s situation.

It doesn’t matter what spiritual point this student may have reached, because throughout the spiritual path, THE TRAPS ARE ENDLESS. What matters is the different ways of yesterday compared to today.

Excerpt from Lobsang Rampa’s autobiographical book, “The Third Eye”.

STORY DESCRIPTION: At the age of 7, astrologers determined that this child’s future was the path of the monk. So, the doors of his house closed to him, and his only way out was to be accepted to the chosen monastery. But the entrance ordeal was very hard for a seven-year-old kid.

* A common ordeal of these students was also the seven-year (for 7 consecutive years) absolute silence, even faced with the greatest challenge…
– Absolutely no relation to the unbridled tendency of modern man…

Can you stand the Truth?

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