The Truth confronted with our beliefs’ wall

Humans raise walls in order to protect their beliefs.

What exactly are beliefs?

Beliefs are the information that we have consciously or unconsciously accepted as true.

Unfortunately, beliefs often imprison us and deprive us of the access to the Truth.

A filter consisting of misconceptions, doesn’t allow the passing of the Truth and so we only perceive what we want, rejecting anything else.

The Truth can never be revealed to those who have rigid beliefs.

…You know, the ones who always list “data/given facts”.

They are unwilling to acknowledge anything other than their own beliefs and interpret anything they disagree with as a threat.

They spend their lives characterizing everything new, different and enlightening as “bad” or at least as “non acceptable”. And everything that is old, traditional and oppressive as “good”.

In order to protect their beliefs, these people, build a wall around their world. Some build a big wall while others a small one. But regardless of its size, it can only exclude much more Truth than it can encompass.

Those who are characterized/governed by rigid beliefs, don’t have the option of changing their point of view.

This, makes them ignorant. They only acknowledge everything that exists within the walls they have built around them, and they are prevented from exploring the unlimited Truth that is beyond these walls.

Man doesn’t realize that the Truth is always greater than any other structure which is constructed/created to exclude it.

From the Book:
“The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence:
A Proven Formula That Has Worked for Thousands”

by Robert Anthony

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