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The world of Agathon lies outside Plato’s cave


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Most of us are now convinced that we live in a Matrix. This Matrix is not our habits and not the way we live our daily routine. It is the whole universe that surrounds us. It is our whole solar system, the galaxies, the nebulae, the things our eyes and our machines see.

Scientists accept this view point and they have made public enough evidence that support this concept. In particular astrophysicists M. Danezis and S. Theodosiou in their book “Cosmology of Intellect” write:

“An elementary particle is a moving, non-perceptible spherical vortex in space, inside the n-dimensional non Euclidean field, whose projective shadow inside the three-dimensional Euclidean space of our senses, is perceived as an elementary particle.”

This fact (of the projection) is given with great clarity in the allegory of Plato’s cave. Socrates says to Glaucon (in condensation):

Picture men imprisoned for life and chained in a subterranean den.

The world of Agathon lies outside Plato’s cave

These men remain in the same spot since childhood and they have their legs and necks chained in such a way, so that they are unable to move and able to look only forward.

The world of Agathon lies outside Plato’s cave

Inside the den at a distance and higher up behind them burns a fire

The world of Agathon lies outside Plato’s cave

But the only thing they can see, are the shadows cast from the fire on the wall of the cave that is in front of them.

The world of Agathon lies outside Plato’s cave

In front of the fire, behind the backs of the prisoners and above them there is a road.

The world of Agathon lies outside Plato’s cave

Along this road there is a low wall and “people” walk on this road carrying various objects.

The world of Agathon lies outside Plato’s cave

But what the prisoners can only see, are the shadows of these objects, projected on the wall of the cave. The truth to them is the shadows of the images.

The world of Agathon lies outside Plato’s cave

This is exactly where the allegory describes what the scientists say about the “projected shadow” where a non-perceptible spherical vortex is projected to our world as a particle.

The objects that in reality pass in front of the fire and behind the backs of the prisoners correspond to what is described as a “moving, non-perceptible spherical vortex inside the n-dimensional non Euclidean field”.

What the prisoners see projected on the wall of the cave in front of them, are the shadows of the objects. This is what the aforementioned scientific article describes, and then it says:

“…the projected shadow (of the non-perceptible vortex) in the three dimensional Euclidean space, is perceived as an elementary particle.”…and is projected as form/shape.

However, there is a point here by which many analysts of “Plato’s cave” get confused because they place the Truth and the Real world where the fire is; behind the backs of the prisoners, because this (the fire) causes the shadows to project on the cave’s wall.

But this is a fallacy that does not allow them to explain the allegory correctly. Let’s decode the symbols at this point of the allegory of the Cave: The whole description of the allegory, outlines the Matrix in which we the people, reside. The world that surrounds us, is nothing more than a virtual reality.

The theory of quantum strings, considers the fundamental constituents of the universe, not as particles but as strings. Different modes of vibration of the strings represent the different types of particles.

They say that in reality shapes, sounds and smells do not exist, but are different types of oscillations. Therefor we receive electromagnetic waves of different frequencies and perceive them as colors. We receive pressure waves, but perceive them as words. We take in compounds from air and water, but feel them as odors and flavors.

The brain functions as a holographic interpreter and decodes a holographic universe.

So understandably Pindar said that “Σκιάς όναρ άνθρωπος”. Man is a dream of shadow.

Let us then assign the symbols:

—The imprisoned men are us, in reality we don’t have the ability to see our true selves but only the shadows that are projected in our (Euclidean) world!

—The road on which the objects move, that are projected on the cave’s wall, is no other than the energy world (the moving non-perceptible spherical vortex of a n-dimensional non Euclidean field), from where the material plane is projected as form/particle. It is therefore, the space of quantum vibrating strings.

—The fire that is behind the road and naturally closer to the cave’s entrance, symbolizes the god/creator of this world.

The world of Agathon lies outside Plato’s cave

He is the “the Archon of this world” as Christ calls him in the Gospels.

About this “Devine firepower” Hermes Trismegistus writes:

“And an infinite world was created where fire predominated with magnificent force, trying to stay in place…”

And at another place:

“The Nous (Mind) God who is male-female, Life and Light, gave birth to another creator Nous, who is the god of fire (pyre) and of the spirit and the creator of the seven commanders who encompass the tangible world within circles and their command is called Heimarmene (Destiny).”

And the apocryphon Gospel of John writes:

“And she called its name Yaldabaoth. This is the first Archon… he became strong and created for himself other aeons inside a blaze of luminous fire, which still exists now.”

So this is the fire that burns behind the backs of the prisoners, the fallen god, THE CREATOR OF THE MATRIX.

“And look, from the cloud there appeared an [angel] whose face flashed with fire and whose appearance was defiled with blood. His name was Nebro, which means ‘rebel’; others call him Yaldabaoth.”

He is the one that oversees so that no one of the prisoners escapes.

The Apocryphon first book of Adam and Eve writes:

“Satan begun with transforming his hordes; in his hands there was a flashing fire, and they were in a great ‘light’. He then place his throne near the mouth of the cave…and he shed light into the cave, until the cave glistened over Adam and Eve, while his hordes began to sing praises. And Satan did this, in order that when Adam saw the light, he should think within himself that it was a heavenly light, and that Satan’s hosts were angels; and that God had sent them…When therefore, Adam and Eve saw the light, fancying it was real, they strengthened their hearts;”

How similar are the analogies!!! If we view the words of Socrates to Glaucon from the description of the cave “literally”, we will understand that they describe the same situation as the above quote from the apocryphal Book of Adam and Eve.

“Picture as if in a subterranean den, …men having from childhood their necks and legs chained, so that they remain in the same spot able to look only forward and prevented by their bonds from turning their heads. Picture further the light from a fire burning higher up and at a distance behind them”

We mustn’t confuse the flame or the road from which the shadows are projected … with the real worlds! Because:

“When the light mixed with the darkness, it caused the darkness to shine, but when the darkness mixed with the light, it darkened the light, so that it became neither light nor darkness but it was weak, it became dim (and became twilight)” says the Apocryphon of John

If now one of them was released from his bonds and was compelled to stand up suddenly and turn his head around he would see all the objects that were passing in front of the fire and behind the backs of the others, he would become aware that all he had seen before was only an illusion. Then he would realize where the shadows were coming from and he would be confused about what is real: the objects or their shadows. And if he was compelled to go outside the cave later on, his eyes would hurt from the suns true light because he would come from the (dark) “light” of a fire.

The world of Agathon lies outside Plato’s cave

And he wouldn’t be in a position to see (accept) reality!!!…He would react exactly as Neo reacted in the Matrix when he first saw reality.

The world of Agathon lies outside Plato’s cave

He would have to get used to it. He would first watch the shadows of objects of the real world, then their reflections in the water and then the objects themselves.

The world of Agathon lies outside Plato’s cave

After that he would look at the sky and the moonlight and he would observe the sun as it really is.

The world of Agathon lies outside Plato’s cave

And he would remember his old residence in the cave and the “wisdom” that his companions prisoners had… when they were giving prizes to those that were able to see faster the passing shadows, and to those that were better in predicting which shadows will come first and which later…

And if he returned back in the cave and was called for a match for who is the faster and more precise in the predictions, then he would find that his sight is weak, since he came from the absolute light into the cave’s darkness, and he wouldn’t be able to see clearly.

Everyone would start laughing at him, saying that he lost his sight by going out and that thinking of going out wasn’t worthwhile.

The world of Agathon lies outside Plato’s cave

So, those who look to the World of the True Light, and possess the 7th Sense of Truth- appear “blind” and “inadequate” compared to the “experts” of the world of deception and of the Matrix…

This is the difference with the 6th sense, which is cultivated by people who do not know the truth of the Real Worlds.

It’s all them that acknowledge this world of illusion, as a creation of the True God!

It’s them that confuse the light of the fire- that is in the cave- and represents the fallen god/creator of the Matrix, with the True Light of the Real Worlds of the Hyper-Universes as they are called in the book: “Can you stand the truth? The chronicle of man’s imprisonment “

The Real World, the world of “Agathon”, LIES OUTSIDE THE CAVE, and it differs from the objects that pass behind the backs of the prisoners and are projected on the cave’s wall.

These objects are the greatest deception, for all those who consider them as the “truth” of the world!

It is them, who consider themselves “experts” compared to others that see only the shadows; and are subjected to even greater captivity, because even though they were given the chance to look behind their backs , they were content from that and were satisfied considering themselves lucky. … Here fits the saying, “imperfect knowledge is worse than ignorance”!!!

Those who are submissive and in bonds, the only gift they can receive from the god of fire, is the sixth sense of prophecy about the world of illusion and the ability to predict which shadow will precede and which will follow …

And Socrates continues:

“If then someone tried to free anyone from the prisoners, the rest would catch him as a violator and would kill him. But it is the duty of the informer, not only to climb and see the “Agathon”, but to be willing to go back down to the prisoners and share their problems and their honors whether they worth it or not. And he must do so even in the prospect of death.”

So let’s watch this video to understand the difference between our world and the Worlds of Truth.

can you stand the truth?

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