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Most saints are urging people to repent…

But who can define what sin is in the world of imperfection in which we live, when nature itself is sinful to its creations?

The Gospel of Mary (MAGDALENE) verses 13-17
“What is the sin of the world? The Master said: There is no sin, but it is you who make sin exist when you act according to the habits of your nature, which is inclined to adultery” The very nature of matter ends up as the ‘adulteress nature’ and the word adulteress here has no sexual connotation whatsoever.

Still, people believe that they should repent for the sins they have committed towards their fellow men.

But the Christ clarifies:
“You judge according to the flesh; I judge no one.”
John 8:15

The word “repent” denotes the subsequent understanding of an act committed without mind. After acting without mind (Nous), the man who committed the sin, through repentance will have the opportunity to comprehend in retrospect, and revise.

But the wise men of our world indicate that there are two minds: the mind of the body and the Mind of the Spirit. Hermes Trismegistus calls the first mind (of the body) servant mind and the second, Agathon (Good) Mind.

Hermes Trismegistus Speech VI:23
“Do you think then son, that every soul has the Good Nous? For this is what we are speaking of and not of the servant mind.”

The Indian work Anougkita that is part of Asvamentcha Parva of Mahabharata, states:

“There are two minds: the ‘movable’ and the ‘immovable’. The immovable is within me (in the Spirit), the movable is in your dominion (i.e. of the speech) on the plane of matter”

Therefore there are two types of “repentance”.

The first type includes the sins committed by man during his material life, and for them he should repent (subsequently) with his servant mind.

Socrates –referring to the material sins- states that: «Ουδείς εκών κακός». Meaning that no man does evil willingly, but is always under the impression that he is doing good!

This is due to the law of duality of the universe, where depending on the different position / point someone holds on the circle of life, he automatically creates a dipole. Thus if at a certain position injustice prevails, then in the diametrically opposite position/point, justice prevails and vice versa.
The stronger each faction / position, is tied to its place (fighting for its values), the more competitive it becomes against the opponent’s position (which also wants to make its dreams come true). When at some point the claim limits are exceeded, then sin emerges as a side effect.

But this is the law of nature of duality, the law of Yin and Yang, and the only “judge” of this faulty creation is the creator himself -the ruler of this world- always throwing the blame on humans and demanding their karmic balance to be zero.

But the Christ clarifies:
“and about judgment, because the archon of this world has been judged.” John 16:11

So on this level, the primarily accountable one is none other than the prince of this world!

But there is also another category of sins, which are not of “the flesh” but of “the Spirit”, that man committed as a spiritual being and for which he should repent with the Spiritual Mind.

Man has never imagined the existence of these sins, because of the veil of “oblivion” (ΛΗΘΗ) that covers his Mind. In this article we will focus on this second type of sin that is about the repentance of the Higher Mind. So that after every man realizes what these (spiritual) sins are, he repents and becomes cleansed and ready to return to his Spiritual Homeland.


Before proceeding to the unraveling of the clues that construct this spiritual sin of man, we will clarify the position of man in this world.

As it has been scientifically proven, our brain is constructed in a way that captures waves (oscillations) and frequencies and translates them into shapes, sounds, odors, etc. In this way, it projects/forms a Matrix, a world of illusion, in which he lives.

However this mechanism -as the theory of “Can you stand the Truth? The Chronicles of Man’s imprisonment” suggests- is supported by a lower entity which used the Worlds of Truth as a model and created a virtual duplicate/simulacrum. Within it, it entrapped Celestial Man enclosing him in mortal material bodies.

[Plato Timeaus 37c6-37d7]
“When the father creator saw the creature which he had made moving and living, the created image of the eternal gods, he rejoiced, and in his joy determined to make the copy still more like the original; and as this was eternal, he sought to make the universe eternal, so far as might be.
Now the nature of the ideal being was everlasting, but to bestow this attribute in its fullness upon a creature was impossible.
Wherefore he resolved to have a moving image of eternity, and when he set in order the heaven, he made this image eternal but moving according to number*, while eternity itself rests in unity; and this image we call time.
… (38a7) these being generated forms of Time, which imitates Eternity

*god always geometrizes

Our story therefore begins a long time ago, even before Celestial Man was projected (displayed) on visible matter:

An entity of the Eternal Hyper-Worlds of Truth, took the initiative to create.

The Father of the Eternal Worlds did not deny it, because in Those Worlds Freedom is the status quo.

[Genesis 3:1]
“Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made”

The entity chose a residue of an old creation and set out to reshape it.

He asked the Father for more help and He gave it, because suspicion in the Eternal Worlds of Truth is nonexistent.

He asked his brothers (Celestial Men) to reinforce him, and they did not refuse because distrust in the Eternal Worlds of Truth does not exist.

This entity, within its new space, proclaimed itself “god” and in order to revive it, began to oscillate in a way similar to the movement of a snake.

Hermes Trismegistus Speech 1:11
“And the second creator Nous (mind), he who encompasses the seven circles and the vortices of their roots-along with Logos- turned his creatures and they all started swirling from an indefinite beginning to an interminable end.”

Plato Timaeus (ΧΙΧ 52d4-53)
“The Nurse of Becoming, being liquefied and ignified and receiving also the forms of earth and of air… but sways unevenly in every part, and is herself shaken by these forms and shakes them in turn as she is moved.”

Thus Celestial Man joined the world of the lower god and tasted the fruits of the tree of duality.

This whole venture did NOT originally start as an act of disobedience. But the decision of the involved entities to move into to the deeper levels and build a creation in heavy (dense) matter, activated a mechanism of severe problems that the Father of the Eternal Worlds identified as highly dangerous!

It was then when some Celestial Men ignored the warning of danger and being enchanted by the attractive / erotic maelstrom of matter let themselves be trapped.

Papastavrou A. ‘Letters to Anonymous’
“The moment which the Divine Noesis (Intellectuality), inside the Entity of the White Fire (Celestial Man) perceived Itself as an individualized portion of divine life of the (material) universe, it was granted the choice of free will as to whether or not it would continue, as an individualized portion of the creator…which would render IT able to create like the father.
…For each individualized Entity of the White Fire that accepted the responsibility to become a co-creator, there were at least a dozen or more who CHOSE TO RETURN.”

So while most returned to the Eternal Worlds, one in twelve remained to create, shaping creatures with the death of heavy (dense) matter!

No matter how unpleasant are some references in Helena Blavatsky that I often do, I cannot ignore the extensive research she carried out.

The data of this research lead to the truth, that our world is a construct of Lucifer, but I also emphasize Blavatsky’s mistake, her complete lack of reference to the Eternal worlds of Truth, those that were alluded by Hermes Trismegistus, Plato, the Gnostics and were described clearly (in the apocryphal Gospels) by Christ.

But was this Blavatsky’s mistake, or a deliberate omission? …

So Blavatsky says in her work The Secret Doctrine:

“The ‘serpent’ was the ‘Lord God’ himself who, as the Ophis, the Logos, or the bearer of divine creative wisdom, taught mankind to become creators in their turn.”

And was that-meaning creativity- a sin?

… It depends on what one creates…

Genesis 2:19-20
“And out of the earth the Lord God made all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air and he brought them to Adam to see how to name them; and whatever name (form) Adam gave to each living creature, that was its name. And Adam gave names (form/shape through the Logos/Word) to all the beasts and the birds of the sky and all the animals of the field.”

What does this mean?
Genesis (birth) and name are identical.
Very often, in a bipolar way the same thing is said in two levels e.g.

ENUMA ELISH (the Assyro-Babylonian epic of creation)
Tablet 1§1
“When the sky above had not yet been named, the solid ground beneath had not been called by a name, the nothingness, only the primordial Apsu (Lucifer/creator), their genitor, and Mummu Tiamat (the remnants of the previous creations), she, who gave birth to them all, with their waters mixed in one …when none of the gods had come to existence, unnamed by a name and their fates were vague, it was then that the gods were created inside them…. Lahmu and Lahamu were born and were named by names.”


§47 “ The name is not mere verbiage, nor is it only terminology, but rather it is transcendental. …Whoever does not exist has no name –for what names are given to the nothingness? But this existing-one exists together with its name.”

God / Lucifer therefore urged man to create the animals! …In what way?

Hermes Trismegistus ‘Kore Kosmou’
§17.” And thus after he (the Creator) had stood on all the all-fairest station of the aether and after he had summoned all the existing species of beings, he said:
“My Spirits and creations of my care, souls, beautiful children, you that I have created with my own hands, I place you in my own world. Listen to my words, as if they are laws and never approach another place except for that which I have ordained with my decision (the beginning of restriction).

If you stand firm, then the sky will remain in its place in a similar way, as well as the appointed constellation and the thrones full of virtue.

If however, you do anything opposite to my Will, I swear to the spirit and the mixture out of which I have created you and to my own hands which create souls, that it will not be long, before I create chains and punishments for you.”

§18. After god who is my own lord had said that much, he mixed the rest of the congenial elements, that is to say water and soil and said some apocryphal and powerful words but not similar to the first ones. He mixed the elements very well, he breathed life-giving power into the mixture and using the well-painted and well-thickened crust of the mixture which floated, he created the human-like beings.

§ 19. He gave the remainder part (residue) to the souls that had already made good. And he said to those souls that had been summoned to the lands of gods near the places of the stars and the holy demons:
“My children, make creatures of my own nature; accept the remnants of my own craft and may each one of you make creatures similar to your own nature; I will also deliver these models to you” and he handed them over to them;

§20. He arranged the zodiac circle in order and beauty, according to the movements of the souls, after he had placed next to the human-like beings the remainder, that is to say the animals to which he also added the cunning powers as well as the ingenious generative spirit for all that is to exist eternally.

§21. And he departed promising to breath invisible spirit and essence of common origin to each one of their visible pieces of work, so that each would be able to give birth to others similar to itself and thus they would not have to do anything else but what they had already created.

§22. “So what did the souls do, mother?”

And Isis said: “My child Horus, after they had received the blend of matter, they first tried to conceive it with their mind. They worshiped the mixture of their father and tried to find out whence it was composed.

But that was not easy to be perceived. So, they were afraid that they might provoke their father’s wrath, for they had showed this kind of curiosity and set to do what they had been commanded.

§23. Thereon, using the upper part of the matter which had a superfluously light crust, they formed the race of birds; in that span of time, using the mixture which was half hardened, they made the species of quadruped, which was the least light and the race of fish that had the need of another kind of moist substance to be able to swim in.

From the rest, which was cold and had a tendency to evil, the souls made a new species, the race of reptiles.”

More information regarding the ‘ingredient’ that the creator constructed and man used to formulate the beings of our world, in the Book: “Can you stand the Truth? The Chronicles of Man’s imprisonment”

At this point we will compare the narrative of Socrates that refers to the same subject.

Plato Timaeus 42e5- 43a3, XV
So He (the creator), then, having given all these commands, was abiding in His own proper and wonted state.
And as He thus abode, His children gave heed to their Father’s command and obeyed it.
They took the immortal principle of the mortal living creature, and imitating their own Maker, they borrowed from the Cosmos portions of fire and earth and water and air, as if meaning to pay them back, and the portions so taken they cemented together; but it was not with those indissoluble bonds wherewith they themselves were joined that they fastened together the portions but with numerous pegs, invisible for smallness; and thus they constructed out of them all each several body”

So men got into the process of creating the material beings!

So they were divided into groups. And each group took on the “construction” of a different animal.

And they entered into a fever of creativity as each team competed with the other as to which team’s creature would be more dominant and more powerful.

Excited as they were by their creative frenzy and their competition –playing with the Archetype of life- they created living killing machines that were intended to transform material nature to a battlefield subjected to pain, fear and despair!

Then, some Celestial Men began to realize that they were committing a heinous crime playing with life and death. They started to leave those areas and returned to the Sacred Birthplace.

[Hermes Trismegistus ‘Kore Kosmou’ §24]
“And those souls my son, already from now they were armed with a strange impudence, as if they had performed an act of bravery, and despite the orders, they abandoned their components and their stores and did not want to remain in the same place, because they considered that it was death to continue to stay in the same residence.”

But those who remained were trapped in an ambush that was deliberately set up, by the self-proclaimed “god”, and were trapped in the downward vortex of matter in the cycle of reincarnations as slaves of the prince of this world … until today…

[Hermes Trismegistus ‘Kore Kosmou’ §25]
“What the souls did, did not escape the attention of the lord and god of all, and that is why he sought for punishment and chains which the souls would endure patiently. And therefore, the sovereign and lord of all (the archon of this world)
decided to artfully fabricate the human frame for the race of souls to suffer in it.”

So the ruler of this world, trapped Man in the wheel of time and made him “master” of the animal kingdom:

[Genesis 9:2]
“The fear and dread of you will fall on all the beasts of the earth, and on all the birds in the sky, on every creature that moves along the ground, and on all the fish in the sea; they are given into your hands.”

The formation of the animals and the brutality that accompanies them, is the second great sin of man after the first, that was remaining in this forbidden tree of duality, the material universe. Then being incarnated in matter, he continued this atrocity with the merciless torture of these animals using the most “inventive” and twisted ways.

So let’s repent for our disgrace!!!


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