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Adapted extract from the book:
Can you stand the Truth? The chronicle of Man’s Imprisonment
by Angeliki Anagnostou
Chapter: “The myth of extraterrestrials- Agroglyphes (crop circles)”

Greek Translation of this article

agroglyphe, What is the reason behind crop circles?

Are crop circles human or alien constructions?

Concern is a good place to start a research…

Crop circles are yet another riddle to many.

For centuries now man is mimicking his gods. How could he act differently now?
That is why the crop circles that appear around the world, belong to two groups of creators.

Some are constructed by humans and others are created by “alien” balls of light.
The difference is located in the chemical imprint of the plants and the soil of the genuine crop circles, the ones that were created by the balls of light. This different chemical imprint cannot be found in the crop circles made by humans!!!

Let’s distinguish the differences that appear in the crop circles, when they are created by the balls of light
During the night and mostly between 2 and 4 a.m. balls of light have been filmed, from the size of an egg to a size of a soccer ball, hovering above a field planted mostly with grains and creating a huge complex geometrical shape within a few minutes.

In this case the crops are bent at the 1st and the 2nd node of their stems but they do not break.

The scientific research group of biophysicist William C. Levengood, for more than ten years is conducting research on the impact these “luminous” interventions have on plants.

Significant differences in the chemical structure are found only in the crops that have been bent by the luminous balls with an apparent lateral and longitudinal elongation (swelling) of the nodes (eyes), at their stems.

Crop-Circle, What is the reason behind crop circles?

Dutchman Eltjo. Hasselhoff in an article specifies the induced effects οn the plants of crop circles when they are created by the light spheres:

“The result could be simulated by placing healthy plants, in a microwave oven.

The heat induced by the microwaves on the fluids inside the plant’s node is exactly equivalent to that of the mercury in a thermometer.

…This led to the conclusion that the elongation of the plants node may be induced by the involvement of the heat produced presumably by the microwave radiation.

In reality, traces of heat have been found innumerable times in crop circles around the world, such as dehydrated plants, burnt markings on the ground, and melted snow.”

crop-circle, What is the reason behind crop circles?

The group of William C. Levengood concluded that the plants that wither during the formation of a genuine crop circle, are dehydrated from the inside out, with the implementation of an energy similar to that of microwaves.

Plants have been found dehydrated below the head of the seed, with the chlorophyll absent.

The excessive heat increase that is induced on the plant because of the luminous spheres, causes the plant’s liquids to gather at the “eyes” (nodes), to explode and create holes.

Crop-Circle, What is the reason behind crop circles?

Plant Deformation: These holes are present in the real crop circles, usually at the second and the third node (eye) below the seeds head.

Also, when the genuine crop circle is created before the plants flowering, the growth of its seeds stops, while its main body grows normally.

Crop-Circle, What is the reason behind crop circles?

Apart from the differentiation in the chemical image of the plant, there are also diversifications in the soil structure of the crop circles.

Measurements in the soil, show that it is strongly magnetized

In the soil of crop circles, we often encounter traces of melted magnetic material attached to soil granules and also spherical magnetic particles with a diameter of 10-40 microns. The research reveals that these particles are pure iron. The fact that they are magnetized, states that they were indeed formed in a magnetic field.

circle-crop-magma, What is the reason behind crop circles?

Because the soil elements have been melted, the degree of crystallization is also increased. The study results of the samples of real crop circles, show large percentages of mica crystals.


“A sharpening of the mica 001 peak [a decrease in the Kubler Index (KI) value, indicative of growth of the illite/mica crystals] was observed in the crop circle soil samples, as compared with their controls; (normal ground samples)

…The increase in the KI of the mica 001 peak cannot be attributed to the mechanical flattening of the crop circle plants since (in the absence of any evidence of geologic pressure) temperatures of at least 600-800°C over several hours of exposure would be required to produce such increased crystal growth;

Because the temperatures needed (a minimum of 600-800°C over a period of several hours) to cause mica crystal growth, they would have incinerated any plant material present at the site (as well as causing other measurable soil effects), and because we know of no energy which can selectively affect soils to one degree and plants at the same locations to another degree (as is documented here), we suggest that we may be observing a new —as yet undiscovered— energy source at work.

It does appear that heat is involved, but more research is needed to determine its precise nature.”

Here, another form of matter comes to mind, which is created under similar conditions, especially in the presence of a magnetic field:

The fourth state of matter, which is plasma.

Plasma is formed when a material element becomes so superheated, that its atoms are separated from its electrons (ionization) and a cloud of ions and electrons is produced. In this state the properties of the element are maintained, but in another form.

“Just as in physics and in chemistry, plasma is called the state of matter where the electrically charged atomic particles (ions and electrons), are in free form rather than in molecular bonds.

Plasma belongs to the classification of gases but differs from a non-ionized gas.
It is formed when a gas becomes so hot that electrons escape from their atoms and become free (free electrons).

… Plasma is regarded as ‘the fourth state of matter’;
Plasma behaves differently than a gas, -when for example electromagnetic fields are applied to it- due to the electrically charged particles that compose it. “PLASMA (PHYSICS)

Anastasios Anastasiadis: in his work “INTRODUCTION TO PLASMA PHYSICS” analyzes:

Plasma: The fourth state of matter (p. 17)
Matter in ‘normal conditions’ appears in three different states:Solid, liquid and gas.By gradually increasing temperature (= the average kinetic energy of molecules), we observe the successively phase change from solid to liquid to gas … and finally to plasma.

How plasma is created: (p. 11)
As a material is heated, it passes through the stages of solid, liquid and gas. From a certain temperature and above, the atoms of the gas become ionized. As the temperature increases, the ionization rate of the gas increases as well.

Methods of plasma generation (p. 27)
1) With the implementation of electric fields / electric shocks.2) With electromagnetic waves.3) With bombardment by neutral particles.
As we observe, the presence of an electromagnetic environment is typical: (a) in the crop circles that are created by the light spheres, and (b) in the creation of plasma.

Let’s summarize:Luminous outer-dimensional spheres are floating above crops.
Then, in the located area very high temperatures are induced –with the use of microwaves or some other unknown technology / energy.

The juices found in the stems of the plants, are collected at the nodes (eyes) and because of the very high temperatures they evaporate, creating escape holes.

The plants bend, forming the misleading, impressive shapes/compositions of crop circles.

The result of the heat increase that is developed so that the liquid juices of the plants are transformed to gaseous plasma – ‘transporting’ in this way their elements– is the crystallization of the elements of the ground and the generation of a magnetic field at that specific spot.

So we wonder:

Can the infliction of overly high temperatures in the case of the crop circles that are created by the light balls, be for plasma production????

… Meaning the collection of plant components in another form!!!

… Is this a kind of “ark” for some???
Could it be that this way of collecting ‘elements’ of plants, is a similar process, with the bloodletting of domesticated animals for collection of animal elements???

the bloodletting of domesticated animals,

And if yes why is this happening??
Well, YES! This is happening for ANOTHER, very specific purpose, and the spectacular shapes of the crop circles are created as a distraction to throw “ashes in our eyes” …

Unfortunately, this “purpose” cannot be presented with a couple of words in an article, without shocking and creating myriads of more questions, which could not all be answered and substantiated here.These are described and analyzed in detail in the book: “Can you stand the Truth? The Chronicle of man’s imprisonment”
Concern however, is a good place to start a research…

can you stand the truth?

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