Where is our holographic universe projected from?

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By Angeliki Anagnostou

The data from the Planck satellite now support the hypothesis that our universe is a huge and complex hologram. Holographic are also our bodies, as well as everything around us.

Cosmologists also say that our universe is at the inner point of a black hole. So let us see how these two elements are combined, and how they are also combined with the metaphysical perspective of this creation.

Holography is based on the interference and diffraction of light, where the three dimensions of an object that is illuminated (by laser), can be displayed on a flat surface.

Our three-dimensional world – the universe, the galaxies, the stars, the planets, the Earth and humans – is a hologram, an image of reality, encoded in pixels on a two-dimensional surface.

Let us now see what this two-dimensional surface is.

Scientists say that our universe is at the bottom of a giant black hole.

A black hole can be compared to the shape of a funnel. Everything found in its vicinity – which is called event horizon – is absorbed by its strong gravitational field. From this strong gravitational field of the black hole, not even light can escape. That is why the black hole is always dark, and that is why it is called “black”.

At the inner parts of the black hole, gravity increases even more, until its inner point, where the infinitely strong gravitational forces dissolve anything that is found there.

This inner deepest point of the black hole is called point singularity. This very point – point peculiarity – is a two-dimensional space-time region.

So this two-dimensional region (point singularity) of the black hole, contributes to the holographic process of the projection of our holographic universe.

Let’s see how.

Let’s suppose an object falls into a black hole. When the object disappears into the black hole, a copy of the information contained in that object is stored on the surface of the black hole. This surface is the point singularity (the inner point) of the black hole. Thereby, the object exists in two locations.

There is a three-dimensional object lost in the black hole, and a two-dimensional version of it that remains on the surface of the black hole (point singularity), as information.

So, on the two-dimensional surface of the point singularity of the black hole, lies imprinted all the information of the trapped object.

The Schwarzschild theory describes what comes next, where at that point an explosion occurs (our familiar Big Bang) and through a four-dimensional bridge (Einstein – Rosen), a white hole is created which holographically projects all the stored information that was registered in the two-dimensional point singularity. Thus, the hologram of the trapped in the black hole object appears (holographically) on a white hole.


Regarding our universe, the Big Bang was the first flash of the holographic projection of our universe.

But many people will not believe the fact that the whole universe, including all beings can be holograms, arguing that we can touch the world around us. But we cannot touch a hologram…

But here they are wrong!

When Plato said the wise phrase, “God always Geometrizes,” he implied that God in order to build his holographic world with mathematics as a tool, uses technology. Technology is undoubtedly a tool of the god/creator. But this technology is so advanced and specialized that it is very difficult for us humans to understand.

In recent decades, however, parts of this technology were given to humanity for reasons that will not be analyzed now. Thus, in the field of technology, man began to follow the footsteps of his creator.

So today scientists have built holograms that we can not only touch as we touch our holographic world, but also listen to!! The study was published on Nature magazine on 11/13/19

So, trapped in this black hole/universe, man was projected as a holographic figure onto this virtual universe, when the information of his existence was imprinted on the point singularity of the black hole.

In other words:

1)The I Am Presence (Higher Self) is inside the giant black hole (at its higher energy planes)

2) The Divine Spark (as information of our existence) is in the two-dimensional (space-time brane) point singularity, and this information (Divine Spark) is projected AS A HOLOGRAM onto the White Hole, and this is what we see as the material man.

As much as the ability of expression could describe – of what cosmologists describe today – the Apocryphon Gospel of John approaches in its own way, describing the entrance of the Celestial Man into this world.

“The First Man [This is the
one who appeared to them (archons/daemons). He appeared in the form of a human being.] All of
the realm (dimensions) of the chief ruler quaked! The foundations of the abyss
moved! He (this human form) illuminated the (energy) waters above the world of matter, his image shown (appeared) in those waters. (Not man himself, but his image, in the form of information captured in the two-dimensional point singularity of the black hole. Celestial Man himself ― as I Am Presence― is trapped in the black hole / universe, and his holographic projection holds the Divine Spark).
All the daemons and the first ruler
together gazed up toward the underside of the newly shining (energy)waters. Through
that light they saw the Image (of man) in the waters”.

But this is also stated by Plato in his work Timaeus, when he describes to us how the creator, namely “god”, constructed a hologram, a COPY of the True:

And when the Creator saw the
world alive, moving and becoming an image of the eternal gods, he was in
awe and in his pleasure he set out to make the world RESEMBLE ITS ORIGINAL
PROTOTYPE (the one according which he had built this world) even more
closely. And since the PROTOTYPE model happens to be an eternal living being,
he set about to make the world he created as similar to its prototype as
possible. But inasmuch as the nature of this living prototype happened to be
eternal, this quality was impossible to be attached in its entirety to this world
which is generated. Wherefore he designs to make this world A MOVING
IMAGE of the eternal Aeon, and by decorating the sky he creates a moving
image of the stable and unmovable Eternity, eternal as well while moving
according to the laws of numbers.” [37c6-37d7]

And elsewhere in the same text:
“by absolute necessity, this world must be the image of another.»

Also the very description of the “Cave” depicts exactly this situation.

Therefore the Truth was told in many ways, through enlightened people, and science today can verify their sayings.

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