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Answers to the questions of the readers
are given by the author, Angeliki Anagnostou
based on the world-perception view of her book:

QUESTION: How do you explain that some choose the path of Truth, while others are indifferent to it, and some even oppose to it?

ANSWER: The answer lies in the mystery of the illusion of time. EVERYTHING is happening right HERE and NOW. And I’ll repeat my favorite “key-sentence” in which, astrophysicist Fred Hoyle describes the phenomenon with absolute clarity:

Fred Hoyle: «Everything that was in the past and will be in the future, already exists in the present. Only our perception makes the separation and creates the illusion of the passage of time.”

Moving on, I will remind you the excerpt from my book, where, in relation to the subject, I mention the following:

“When man committed himself to playing an active role in dense matter, he was given a framework of “presence / absence” inside which he could ‘move’. This framework referred to the simultaneous unfolding of all his lives and deaths, inside the entire breadth of material time: namely the ‘barcode’ of his presence-absence in the world of dense matter.”

Essentially, we are all an “echo” of our existence. Scientists describe the phenomenon as a holographic state and the symbolism of the Narcissus myth depicts it metaphorically.

The barcode’s white lines denote incarnation in material life, and the black ones the periods when man (as a soul) dwells in the energy-planes of death, covered/enfolded by the energy bodies he grew during each lifetime.

Death, is the other aspect of the virtual “life”, in the dualistic world of form.
The factors that determine the duration of each life and death, are defined by the specific conditions of karma / destiny (Heimarmene).

So, while in general it seems that life in matter follows a succession through time, this material creation unfolded INSTANTLY at all times of the energy and material time, predetermining the end.

So, while in reality man lives simultaneously all his incarnations and all his deaths until the end of time, his “perception” every time entrenches a single “frame / incarnation” of the space-time / film, and is cut off from the active “consciousness” of his previous or his next material presence.

It is exactly the same as the viewer following the plot of a film. The end of the film is already pre-determined. But the viewer ignores the end and is emotionally swept by the plot that unfolds in each individual ‘frame’, while he completely identifies himself with it.

At some point in our near “future”, time will close a cycle and open a new one, in an inferior level. It will be the time when the Ourobore snake / space-time will swallow its tail: this will be the passage to the 5th dimension!

Ourobore snake


Then, at that -time out-, a passage will be created, a gateway will open to the higher energy areas of the universe, from where some will succeed -SPIRITUALLY- to escape, and will cease participating in the game of the Matrix. They will permanently leave this fake holographic creation, in order to return to their True Spiritual Homelands.

This fact however (escaping from the virtual universe, or transitioning to the new cycle of time/fifth dimension) determines the behavior of the human soul throughout the entire space-time.

So, the souls that finally manage to escape ‒according to the deception of time‒ have already escaped to their Spiritual Source, are attracted by It and accept the Truth that It describes.

And the souls that are lost, are indifferent to the Spiritual Source and the Truth, because they have nothing to do with any of them.

And Christ confirms:

Gospel of Thomas (51) [BLATZ]:
His disciples said to him: On what day will the rest of the dead* come into being, and on what day will the new world come?

He said to them: What you await has come, but you do not know it.

* Dead are considered all who are within all levels of the Matrix.

… The end of the space-time “film” is predetermined, that’s why the true prophecies (and not the forged ones), are confirmed!

So, what actually happens is that some people who are inside time ARE ALREADY SAVED, because …

“They have been purchased from among the people on the earth as a special offering to God and to the Lamb.” [Revelation 14:4]

They accept and love the Truth, because subconsciously, It reminds” them of their redemption.
The disclosure of Truth prepares and makes the Souls that already are going to be saved, ready.


“…whose names are not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world. [Revelation 13:8]”.

They abhor and reject the Truth, because, subconsciously, It “reminds” them of their loss.

A third category attacks the Truth, chases and distorts It. This includes the administrators of the Matrix … They CANNOT
STAND THE TRUTH! They are the enemies of the Truth. The disclosure of the Truth, agitates and literally burns them!

Of course, complacency is the worst enemy/danger for the people of the Truth, because no one can ever know with certainty if they belong to the chosen ones who actually used their “return ticket”, or to those who redeemed/exchanged it, because they were fooled by the “beast…”

“Because false messiahs/false Christs and false prophets will rise and will produce great signs and startling demonstrations so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” [Matthew 24:2]

Nevertheless, since the concept of “time” also contains a vast number of possible parallel choices, men of the Truth should be constantly on guard throughout their lives.

More information, analyses and proof in the Book:

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