Angeliki Anagnostou writes

Jesus Christ’s true teachings have NO RELATION whatsoever to the religion that subsequently emerged.

What Christ taught – and this is ONLY portrayed in the texts that were hidden to evade destruction by the perverters of His teachings – was, that the gods all men believed in until then, were the staffs of ONE (and only one) fallen entity: the creator of our visible and invisible world, the one we today call the Matrix.

But because what the Christ taught did not suit anyone, first they murdered him and then they DISTORTED HIS TEACHINGS -with Paul as their frontrunner and representative-, turning the faith of the people again towards the fallen god -the archon of this world- the “creator of heaven and earth”. This is how the whole thing started to go wrong again.

It is thereby natural for people today to be troubled, why they should embrace a caricature religion, and not the greatness of the old gods; for they cannot understand that all those who are now worshiped by both factions, Christians and pagans/idolaters, are the different manifestations OF THE SAME GOD, the creator of our world.

He is the god of fission of good and evil. He is duality, oscillation and the spiral motion of this universe, that was compared to the snake of the ancestral myth.

This is what confuses people, when they think that good and evil two different things. But they are the same. They are the pair of opposite forces that arise from every spin, and create Logos (Greek: Λόγος= Word), namely Fission.

Because spinning is the movement of OUR ENTIRE UNIVERSE. That is why Zeus (Greek: Ζεύξη = link-pairing) became Dias (gr.: Δίας = fission, duality and separation, namely Word (Λόγος / Logos)).

Of course, time always erases the bad and leaves only the beautiful. So, all those who are nostalgic of the old religion have forgotten the negative aspects of the old gods and kept in their memory only the beautiful…

The first Greeks who embraced the new teaching of Christ (before it was distorted) were not forced to abandon their old gods, the imposition of the new faith came much later by obscurantists. On the contrary, in the beginning they were persecuted (the first Greeks) mercilessly.

They nevertheless accepted the new teaching because they had seen VERY CLEARLY the “quality” of the old gods – the ones who are ‘on the rise’ nowadays – with their human sacrifices and their irrational demands for libations (offerings) and blood. Let’s not forget the hecatombs that demanded a blood offering of 100 oxen!!

Namely, they were disgusted with the old gods, so they abandoned them! They were angry with them, that is why they destroyed their ancient temples with such fury. Because it was them, the old faithful ones, who in their anger destroyed whatever reminded them of their old and defective gods.

All of them however, are the staffs of the fallen creator of the Matrix and in order to regain power, after they orchestrated the distortion of the Teaching of the One Who came from the True Worlds, and after they decimated it, they reemerged ‘rejuvenated’ as benefactors; and knowing duality so very well – because it is their own nature – they play both roles (the good and the bad) that serve them well ! ! !

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